Camp fuck your camera!

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Re: Camp fuck your camera!

Postby lemur » 5 years ago

how else can they make it clear to every person?

the website? ...not everyone buys a ticket from the website..

an email? ...not everyone even gets the emails they are signed up for..

at the gate? im sure greeters might be able to squeeze it in.....

but.. everyone has a ticket.. everyone who can read english can read it!

no extra work needed by the greeters!
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Nicole Hyde
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Re: Camp fuck your camera!

Postby Nicole Hyde » 5 years ago

Foxfur wrote:Your camera fucking camp would hate me.
I don't mind if someone takes my picture.
It's a compliment.
It's an even bigger compliment when they don't ask.
I don't care if they post my pic on the internet.
You should see the pics I post of myself on the internet.

And I would never press charges against anyone for snapping a pic up my skirt.

Foxfur, you're my kinda guy! 8)
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Re: Camp fuck your camera!

Postby BlackRockCityPimp » 4 years ago

So is this place gonna have fleshlight inserts in old cameras or what? Your gonna have to clean the inserts real good after each use. Also you might get some really nasty fuckers cumming in there so keep planty of pepper spray handy. Think John Pike sized cans for when the mob occupying gets on yer nerves and you want them to leave so you can go party somewheres else.

On a serious note, I am not big on cameras but you wont win this fight. Best thing you can do is try to gag the tourist types snappin pics of nudies w/o askin when you happen to notice them in your travels in the city. Depending on how much of an asshole you are you could always ruin the camera of aformentioned boobie pic hunter or flatout jack their gear. I would be more inclined to pretend to be a Ranger whilst kilted in khaki and tell them I have to remove film or delete pics from memory card or try to confiscate the camera. Anyone that beieves some shit like that deserves to lose their boobie shots.

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