Flight to mars needs your entertainment!

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Flight to mars needs your entertainment!

Post by juicebox » Mon Aug 23, 2004 6:27 pm

for the passed several years flight to mars has been absolutely friggin' BLESSED with an incredible response from citizens. this has led to lines outside in passed years and this should only continue as this year's design can accomodate less people in the attraction then in years passed. we do our best to keep the party going outside with music most nights provided by AREA 47 djs (including Playa Prom on wednesday!) and our nightly bar but any help keeping things social, entertaining, relaxing, and non-wait-in-liney, as possible is appreciated. here are some ideas:

-do you have mobile entertainment ? interactive art like MUY YUM! and the Ambience Ambulance have been great compliments in the past.

-do you have a party on your mutant vehicle? bring it by, drop of peeps! pick up peeps!

-do you have a performance? band, djs, dancers, clowns, parades and others have a great venue in front of f2m.

thanks again for so much LOVE! you participants are what makes all the effort worth it!

flight to mars -> AREA 47 -> 930 and esplanard

if you need accommodation email juicebox@monozygotic.com

M is for Matt
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looking to play records

Post by M is for Matt » Thu Aug 26, 2004 10:45 pm

Hey, I play techno. Have released records on Minus and Perlon and It Is What It Is Records.

Heading down from Vancouver on Sunday, be there by Monday evening. Let me know if you get this before then, or if not, I'll stop by your camp.

email me if you can at djdecibel@yahoo.com

Mathew Jonson
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