Realistic cooking plans

What do you eat and drink on the playa? Share ideas, recipes and advice here.
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Re: Realistic cooking plans

Post by lemur » Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:11 am

normally id suggest to do something like this:


but.. once you get over 1000sq feet i guess its not reasonable anymore..

so when im not in the big kitchen above and am at my tent cooking my meals i use this:

a small backpackers campstove, plastic set of plate/bowls/cutlery and a compact expandable sponge (luxury item: plastic spatula!)

as for the food that i get..

#1 is shelf stable precooked bacon, you find it at the grocery store nowadays.. theres a few brands, most all of these will note on the box that it only needs refrigeration after opening.. this is what you want..

I usually plan for enough dry/shelf stable food to survive the whole week without having refrigeration just in case there's problems with Arctica or something goes rank in the cooler/whatever.

my cooler is mainly to keep beverages cold but i usually plan 3-4 items to keep cold as 'luxury' type things to eat... When shopping for stuff that goes in the fridge i try to go for shelf stable stuff that only needs fridge once opened.. stuff like Jelly or pepperoni..

if youve not been out there before.. remember, as people mention your appetite will be different.. and some people find themselves craving different kinds of foods than one normally might eat.. junk food works real well out there..comfort foods work out there..

so my menu at burning man tends to be stuff like this when i go shopping:

chex mix
ritz crackers
potato chips
pop tarts

bunches of cans of spighettios
canned soups
peanut butter
grape jelly
shelf stable bacon
canned tuna

breakfast usually soemthing like.. poptart and bacon..or peanutbutter toast..

lunch... snacking during hot part of day on salty junk food then canned spigettios/soup or grilled cheese

dinner.. usually comes out of the biG kitchen but i dont eat all those meals so i will do grilledcheese..with canned soup ..or just go for something easy like pb&j sandwich and pepperoni slices.. with ..more bacon

its not really a healthy diet but ... it works for a week out there for me

some of the dinners that i eat coming out of the biG kitchen to supplement my own stuff are yummie thingies like tacos, breakfast for dinner, thanksgiving dinner.. thai food, falafel..bbq..etc.. all of which can be totally yummie out there.

but, even with the big kitchen to supply (and cook) some meals i make sure that i have my own kitchen and food for the week in my own tent cuz ya never know what will happen with that big kitchen.. it might blow away or burn down..

you can eat high class 5 star on the playa.. or eat a buncha freezedried stuff that will make you want to bring a spoon with you to the potty to help in the process..

but dont think that using camping gear can keep you from eating well!

mmm bacon wrapped filet mignon medallion .yum


ice is pretty easy to get, just get there early... sometimes you cant get there, they run out.. who knows what happens.. be ready for that in what you plan to buy if you need to rely on ice.. and dont forget you may find your neighbors offer you room for the night in their cooler/fridge if you cant get ice.

food safety out there is important.. dont overlook it, make sure you can wash yer stuff up, and yourself.. as well as your cooking area..
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Re: Realistic cooking plans

Post by mudpuppy000 » Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:56 am

Eating cooked food is definitely nice out there, but I tend to bring ready packaged stuff out of laziness. The cooking isn't the issue, it's the stinky trash and having to deal with lots of greywater that I try and avoid. Leftovers are pretty easy to get rid of, just stand out on the street and ask people if they'd like some. :D

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Re: Realistic cooking plans

Post by Drawingablank » Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:40 am

I don't recall seeing this anyplace, but one great Idea our neighbors used last year was wearing disposable latex gloves when preparing food.

Far easier than trying to keep your hands clean when cooking on the playa - especially when handling pork or chicken. And its also a lot easier to wash your hands when they are not greasy.
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Re: Realistic cooking plans

Post by theCryptofishist » Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:44 am

I assume you left the frying pan off your list, Lemur, rather than you cook in plastic. (Yeah, yeah, he could count that in with the "cookstove."
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