How many tickets are you registering for?

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Re: How many tickets are you registering for?

Postby Savannah » Thu Dec 01, 2011 3:37 pm

mushhuskies wrote:
EspressoDude wrote:Bunch of greedy fucking bastards. Register for what you and your immediate family need, no more. If the event degenerates to hoarders and scalpers over-buying just in case, it probably is not worth attending. If like Minxy sez, buying tickets for folks that don't get their act together until too late, well it should really be too late for them. They really are not 'self-reliant'. And to those that buy a bunch and scalp them on ebay with enuff mark-up to cover their own event costs, you are people I do not want to camp anywhere near.

Righteous! My feelings exactly.

I am in the running for two tickets for me and the wife unit.

I couldnt stand it anymore....I've been lurking for years...just had to weigh in!


Hi Mushhuskies! You can still delurk in the Introduce Yourself forum too, if you want.

And you can make your quotes and other tags work if you go into your User Control Panel and enable BBCode under your Board Preferences.

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