I'm solo!! Can I Camp With Your Group????

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I'm solo!! Can I Camp With Your Group????

Postby littleone » 12 years ago


I'm just a little girl with a tent and a sun shade. Can anyone take me??? My traveling companion backed out at the last minute. I'm a totally self-contained unit, I just need a place to park.

sniff sniff...

little one

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Postby burnwithme » 12 years ago

Transcendent Functions. Just sent you a PM. Always welcome with us.
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solo burner

Postby silvertip » 12 years ago

you wil see when you get there you are among family and are not alone. We are at Camp Burnstream (those silver Airstream trailers) near the 7:30 position on the map. Come join us! I'm leaving Santa Cruz Tues morning for BRC.
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