New Nevada Law in 2012 regarding Fire Performers.

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New Nevada Law in 2012 regarding Fire Performers.

Postby Smoxalot 420 » 4 years ago

Was just reading an article on MSNBC( ) about new laws that go into effect in 2012 and this caught my eye.

Fire performers and apprentices must apply to the state fire marshal for certificate of registration.

Does this apply to Burning Man? Food for thought.

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Re: New Nevada Law in 2012 regarding Fire Performers.

Postby Foxfur » 4 years ago

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Re: New Nevada Law in 2012 regarding Fire Performers.

Postby Rice » 4 years ago

I did a quick google: ... 01109.html

Uh, my ability to understand legaleeze is limited, but Yes - it appears Fire Performers need to be registered & licensed. No, I do not know exactly what that means or if it applies to fire performers at Burning Man.

I thought Canadian Laws were confusing... They appear to be children's books in comparison to reading US laws :shock:

I also found the application form:

Hmm, who knew that there was a National Fire Performers Association??
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Re: New Nevada Law in 2012 regarding Fire Performers.

Postby theCryptofishist » 4 years ago

Reno burners would know much more. Piney does, for instance. But you're most likely to find her in Da Bar part 3, she doesn't wander around the rest of the board any more. Oneeyeddick might not know, but would know people who do.

I think that the law was actually welcomed by Nevada burners, but I'm not sure of the details, and may have gotten it wrong.
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