Never Knew Losing My Cherry Could be so WONDERFUL!

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Never Knew Losing My Cherry Could be so WONDERFUL!

Post by TimberNala » Wed Sep 03, 2003 11:00 am

Sheltered as I am :shock: --- BM nothing more than a vague idea, with just one ticket in hand and only the hope for a second ticket to be found AND unlikely granted at the Store in Gerlach (thank you BOY, whoever you were) We would have had to drive home; Cherry intack ~ for I refused trying to sneak in.

Friday afternoon we pulled in the gates and shyly rang a bell with rebar..... :oops:

Making our way into a world unknown, gazing at shelters and naked bikers (smiling at eachother, trying to find our place in the community).....waiting for ??? and wanting more....not sure what to expect.

My husband and I would like to extend unlimited gratitude to our neighbors residing on Reality between Profane and Real. If not for your selfless contributions our experience would have been deflated along with my bike tires....
We brought enough survival supplies --- water, beer, food and eagerness....but the little things only expierence can teach us, we left behind.

We were made welcome from all sides, given maps, coctails, advise on finding our way around "the Clock" and a tire tube to replace the one that exploded.
Not to mention the heart and soul that went into building the WONDERS we found on our first night together on the Playa....(MEGAVOLT astonished me with his fearless power, a magnificent control of Nature I almost didn't beleive was real)
and all the people we came across were kind and willing to spend a moment to meet us exchanging little gifts, names and hugs...
(never rude as I have read in many postings)

We were unaware that Theme Camps were meant for us to explore and delight in, as we were content to be onlookers for our first time and expierience the simple things such as the roller rink, the christmas light tunnel, and an unstable climbing thing????we left behind real quick. The Fenced in Fire barrel was wonderful to take the bone chill away, and cuddle.

My bike had a light, but my husband was completely dark....we brought locks, but had no Idea the benefit of "LIGHT" after sunset.
On the morning after, we staggared from a hot tent into the gentle breeze of desert morning, a completely different world from the night before.

A trip to the potty...yuck, ----- but thankGOD it was there, and back to share our delicious bacon and eggs....

Spying on the way A FREE SHOWER???? Oh yes!!!
It was wonderful and much were the glow sticks that were happily given to us for our second night (by the same camp) after hearing of tragic mishaps due to blackened figures wandering namelessly -
We were intent on being seen and seeing eachother.

The Burn itself was undescribable, almost too much to watch His grand exit. But what followed FROM 2:00 - the clubs, the firedancers, the boom boom of bass, multiple lasers and all that lay between us and our little camp - mind blowing.

To have 30,000 people and NO Litter on the ground was astonishing, (at home, we discovered cig butts and jollyrancher wrappers in our dryer ~ left overs in the pockets of our LEVI's).... :wink:

And as for the whole of our time at BM - The experience has opened endless possibilities in our marriage, as we share a secret seeing dust covered cars pass our home by I-80 on Monday in Reno,
softly we exclaimed and pointed, over and over ~~ "Burned! Burned!"
~~ giggle giggle ~~
....there was nothing NEG about our trip except to come home and find 367 days til the next burn.....
~~~virgins no longer~~~

The Key Man
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TimberNala, loved your post

Post by The Key Man » Fri Sep 05, 2003 7:20 am

My wife and I lost our cherries also, and our experience was very much like yours. We had no idea what to expect but were delighted at every turn. No problems at all really and we're planning on next year.

It was fascinating/sad/wonderful watching the steam of dusted burners gradually thin out as we got further and further away from BRC. We stayed in Tahoe City on the way home, one burner at the same motel. Many nice playa peoplr sightings on I-80 the following day, reduced some after we took the 5 South towards So Cal. Saw one or two on the Grapevine outside of L.A. We unpacked and I got the car washed but I still haven't cleaned the mud and dust off out bikes...think I'll just leave them the way they are for a while...memory material.

Thanks again for the perfect descriptions of being de-virginized at Burning Man!

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Post by TimberNala » Fri Sep 05, 2003 2:47 pm

Our bikes are still coated as well and carry long burned out glow sticks.....have not washed my flip-flops either, my playa feet are still imprinted...
300 some odd days?????????? :cry:
~~~virgins no longer~~~

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Clean your Bike!

Post by theBrooke » Sat Sep 06, 2003 12:45 pm

I know its tough to get rid of the playa sometimes, but just so you know the alkaline dust is actually quite corrosive when it comes to metal. If you leave it on your bike, you will see some rust and some mechanical failure for sure. Maybe even hose em down with a weak vinegar solution just to be sure, it neutralizes the ph.

:mrgreen: Brooke

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