Known Scalpers

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Known Scalpers

Postby Datig Hand » Fri Jan 27, 2012 3:29 pm

[link removed]

This was originally a sale of 4 tickets at $3,450, and is now (at the time of this post) 2 tickets at $1,607.70. It's from a "company" called TicketFrontier. I use the term loosely, as nearest I can figure, it's a one-woman operation, or, at least one women who acts as the gatekeeper, but hides the existence of a gate.

She refused to tell me how many people work there, how they acquired the tickets, or how many they have in total. When asked why such an extreme mark-up, the answer given was "That's the secondary market value," which I pointed out that they were creating.

I mentioned the word 'scalper,' to which she responded that they're a legitimate company in compliance with the Better Business Bureau (which translates to Government Sanctioned Scalpers, if you ask me).

The number is [removed]. If you can get through to anyone other than [name removed], then you've gotten further than me.

This is a bad thing. From the looks of it, people are actually paying for these scalped tickets. Me no likey.

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Re: Known Scalpers

Postby AntiM » Fri Jan 27, 2012 3:35 pm

People aren't paying that kind of money just now, because no one has tickets in hand. They'd be buying the promise of a ticket. That's a hell of a lot to put on a smoke ticket.

A reminder, we cannot post personal info on eplaya such as RL names and phone numbers, even if you think it is a scalper. Them's the rules.

Just say no to above face value tickets.

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Re: Known Scalpers

Postby trilobyte » Fri Jan 27, 2012 3:44 pm

What AntiM said.

And I'll add that scalping is legal in the state of Nevada, whose laws govern the event. We don't like it, and we can frown upon it, and we can choose not to do business with scalpers, but no lynch mob threads.

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