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Postby Imagigrl » Thu Sep 09, 2004 10:02 am

Dear Playa People:

Alas, Gonzo's Inner Sanctum wasn't prepared for our first theme camp venture. We almost didn't make it at all and should've downsized quite a bit to ensure completion, but hindsight is.... Good thing is we kept the MOOP down to 0 esp. with the help of our chicken wire debris catcher secured around the inner perimeters of our incomplete tunnel. We also didn't mooch too much juice on the power grid so that was good. Sadly, our partner- Mason -had a boss not worthy of good karma as he imprisoned Mason in Utah during the event so all Mason could do was wistfully watch the live feed of The Man and His burn via the internet. Our camp friars made it to BRC by the mere skin of their teeth and just in time to bar back the C:4 pussy dome; thanks be to those young men. Ken, the other half of GIS, got a mean playa sickness that continually daunted his efforts, but Ken is now much rehabilitated and still had a good time regardless. Ken really wants to return to BRC next year to give it another go. Whatta trooper!

What is in the heart doesn't always come to physical fruition. Drat that pesky wind storm hell! Too many days of delays. Mylar strands and white outs just don't gel. Before you say "No duh!"... accept this as a lesson: Live and Learn and Don't Give Up Until the Bitter End. It's exceedingly difficult to know when to let go of the dream... to just let it be. GIS was a test of our endurance and patient minds. We let it go and instead devoted as much of our energy as we could to helping each other and those around us... those around us who graciously and lovingly accepted our help with open arms. And we tried to make the most out of the BMan experience and keep the positive vibe going as much as possible. This was not always an easy task as I'm sure many of you can relate.

Giving and growing is what Burning Man is all about. Working together, accepting ones fate for the time being, getting to a comfortable medium, and keeping a happy burn in mind all the while. Ken and Jen have grown quite a bit in just 1 weeks time on the playa. Can't say the same for a years time in the outside world. We miss BRC with the biggest *sigh.*

Much thanks to those who searched out GIS (even if in vane as it turned out) as it's that kind of support and interest that lures us to the playa... apart from The Man and His community, of course. Many thanks to Muppetville for the bitchen Gonzo mobile that often perused the 9:00 Plaza! Everyone around loved seeing it motor along the junction. Would've been nice to give the Gonzo car a place to park and rest its wheels at a finished GIS, but then it was much more fun to see it jet around BRC bringing about smiles and chuckles a-plenty. Much thanks to Moonfire and his camp Fig Leaf for all their kind and insightful words and help and cool costumery.

So GIS didn't make it, but you know, we attracted a fire dancer (that was really lucky), some lovers kissin' while standing inside the little bit of mylar tunnel that we finished, some photographers who dug to photograph shiney irridescent mylar gently blowing against the backdrop of pretty blue sky, and many 'oos, aahhs, and thank yous' at the mere thought of what a 100' mylar tunnel would be... if only. If only... heh Sheeat! I still got a buttload of materials to work with next year so see you at The Man in 2005!!!!

Love to All, Jen (and Ken)

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