New idea for theme based art

Fertility 2.0 - Black Rock City is a kind of Petri dish. Theme camps cling in fertile clusters to its latticework of streets, artworks tumble out of it, like pollen on the air. These nodes of interaction mutate, grow and reproduce their kind. Burning Man communities have now escaped this capsule world: our culture in a Petri dish has effloresced - it spreads across five continents. This year's art theme contemplates the tendency of any being or living system to create abundant life.
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New idea for theme based art

Postby moltensteelman » Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:48 pm

The Pooflinger 2.0 Moltensteelman’s theme-related art proposal for Burning Man 2012
As told by moopie, January 31, 2012Project Rationale

Moltensteelman Studio raises the welding torch in salute to the Burning Man Organization for offering up Ticket Launch Lottery, an overwhelmingly successful participatory community art installation that offers a sly and sophisticated riff on this year’s recycled procreant theme. This installation asks boldly “What could be more fertile than full measure of manure?” We respond that there could be no better way to launch a festival focused on all that is fertile than to stage a full-fledged shitstorm right from the start.

And what a grand and glorious shitstorm it is. The anus-clenching experience that used to be known as Ticket Day has been rolled out and extended so that people seeking tickets may experience even greater gut-churning angst and anxiety for weeks on end. Remember, Burning Man is a journey. Participating in Ticket Launch Lottery is like getting an extra week of Burning Man for free, whether you get a ticket or not!

Secondary themes are used adeptly in this installation. Good art may not always be pretty, but it makes you think. Here, a rising flush of public sentiment has unleashed a backlash (or would this be backsplash?) against the corporate structure of the organization. In step with a United States election year that seems especially fertile for political change, citizens of Black Rock City are presented the opportunity to organize in protest against closed-door decision making by corporate elites. The grueling lottery process is not too bad for discouraging newbies, either, weaving in a deft reference to the issue of world over population.

The Project
In homage to this remarkable demonstration of artistic leadership, Moltensteelman Studio is launching a tribute to this year’s unforgettable start to the Burning Man year by designing a new project that further explores the concept of fertility. It is also a participatory art installation that is meant to include the entire playa community. Ladies and gentlemen, for 2012, we bring you the Pooflinger 2.0.

Total city participation is the goal. Pooflinger 2.0 is designed to ensure fertility throughout the entire city and surrounding environments by casting a fragrant bounty of nutrient-dense organic solids to create the essence of authentic experience. No citizen of the city will go untouched, no camp will be unscathed, and no mutant vehicles will escape from the permeating effects of the Pooflinger 2.0.

Careful planning and research are hallmarks of Moltensteelman Studio, and planning for
the Pooflinger 2.0 has been no exception.

Plans are based on farm equipment to create familiar yet suitable implements for community participation at Black Rock City.

The Pooflinger 2.0 will be made in a playa-friendly scale, and designed to embrace the forces of natural ventilation that are expressed by nature as dust storms and gale-force winds. Situating the Pooflinger 2.0 in the correct position should achieve maximum air loft for the trajectory, ensuring mass participation day and night. Remember, total coverage is our goal.

Despite short notice of this year’s theme, countless hours have been invested in testing and developing the Pooflinger 2.0. Look, we’ve even got a SketchUp drawing!

Remember, we can’t do this alone. Look for our Kickstarter campaign starting April 1, and yes of course we’ve got lots of great shit to give you in return for your generous donations. –Moltensteelman Studio
Moltensteelman pooflinger research 0112.jpg
Careful planning and research are hallmarks of Moltensteelman Studio, and planning for
the Pooflinger 2.0 has been no exception.
Moltensteelman pooflinger research 0112.jpg (85.42 KiB) Viewed 2514 times
st storm img.jpg
The inspiration for Pooflinger 2.0 showing trajectory and coverage in field situation.
st storm img.jpg (66.53 KiB) Viewed 2514 times
poo flinger.jpg
sketch up drawing pooflinger 2.0
poo flinger.jpg (82.93 KiB) Viewed 2514 times

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Re: New idea for theme based art

Postby AntiM » Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:43 am

I love this.

And the Amish guy is hawt.

Poke me to experience my gooey insides!

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Re: New idea for theme based art

Postby Simon of the Playa » Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:28 am

"we are all naked under our clothes"

yogi berra.

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Time for the Pooflinger 2.0!

Postby moltensteelman » Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:35 pm

Today's the day we start our Kickstarter for the Pooflinger 2.0.

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Re: New idea for theme based art

Postby oneeyeddick » Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:55 pm

Shit, let's just all flush some cash down this toilet.
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