Camp Envy 2012

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Camp Envy 2012

Post by fenwick » Thu Jan 19, 2012 11:10 pm

For the second year in a row - Camp Envy is currently making plans to return to the playa.

As the ticket lottery clock winds down, now is the time to slowly start the planning process.

Feel free to swing by and say hello at our FB page:


The origins of Camp Envy were built around the web cam that streams live footage from a tower above the Center Camp area displaying views from the playa, Center Camp, and the burns (special shout-out to the media team for making the web cam possible). Granted - watching via web cam and accompanying chat room is not as much fun as being a part of the burn in person. (Chat room leading up to the burns can include over a thousand chatters.) Two years of being playa denied led a group of us last year to take the plunge and journey to the playa as a placed camp (4:30 and Birthday - more like 4:40). 22 of us had a blast, including our international guests that we adopted on playa while they were suffering from an obvious miserable private tour-guided experience. They went home smiling.

Ideally we strive to balance individual free time for participants with some sponsored events. There are no dues, no additional out of pocket expenses (except for purchase of ice), you bring what you need, share what you can and pitch in around camp. This will be further discussed on our FB page

At this point we are currently getting organized as to who is willing to participate at this year's burn.

No previous burn experience is required - so burgins are welcome. Some of us no longer count how many times we have answered the urge to be on playa

Have questions? Desire to make new friends - join us at CAMP ENVY

Burning man is a participatory event so slugs need not apply

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Re: Camp Envy 2012

Post by fenwick » Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:02 pm

There is still room for those with ticket (or confirmation letter) in hand to join a small, friendly theme camp.

No dues, no out of pocket expenses except for what you NEED to survive (we pull funds together for ice runs), Community kitchen area, fun and games until your side splits.

We do not provide a public bar, or rely on loud music - but do have fun in the neighborhood.

Shade and crash areas for "members" and friends to recover.

Any and all are welcome... no prior burn experience needed, just a positive attitude and willingness to jump in when needed.

Ideas that we are tossing about for the playa:

Burgin University

Block Parties (with neighborhood camps)

Playa Wardrobe Closet (perhaps the best way to meet people - help them choose and get dressed

Interested? Make the first move and contact us. (see original post for details)

This offer expires - eventually, maybe, someday.....

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Re: Camp Envy 2012

Post by theCryptofishist » Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:21 pm

If you can think of a way to make the closet mobile, that would be cool. Just pull it up to some people in a shade structure and start dressing them. If you can find someone's inner carnival barker.
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Re: Camp Envy 2012

Post by fenwick » Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:18 pm

Might run out of items by Monday morning.....

Interesting idea theCryptofishist

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Re: Camp Envy 2012

Post by fenwick » Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:16 pm

Still have some room for those interested in a small camp.

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Re: Camp Envy 2012

Post by toddbigeasy » Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:51 am

Will this be the official 'room' for those of us not attending in person again this year? I have really enjoyed participating via the webstream and chat the past 2 years!

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Re: Camp Envy 2012

Post by fenwick » Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:39 pm

Camp Envy has two groups - those of us attending the playa (see below), and those attending the playa via the Internet web cam feeds.

BMorg and the media crew handle the web cam. That is nothing we control or have much to do with with regards to the cam, how it operates, and what can be focused on. (although last year was the added bonus of a wireless cam on wheels). It is a service and access for those without playa - to still join in the fun. Creative folks have bundled the cam and various chat rooms. There are many entry points for the chat and stream.

As technology advances, new features for a more interactive cam experience might be possible - but that is something the media group would focus on.

Camp Envy adopted the cam - nothing more and nothing less, but the stories of COGS and NUTS are fun.

John is the contact I have on playa, and any "stunts" for the cam are coordinated during the week - mostly it is just an opportunity on Friday to let the default world know that we are having fun. Don't be jealous, be full of envy. On behalf of Camp Envy - would like to pass a big thanks to HyperJohn and all the media group all the hard work they do.

Cam is affected by weather, but night shots and of course listing to BMIR are worth a drive-by. The chat during the burn can be upwards of 2,000 viewers - so chat moves fast and by the time you respond - the thought pattern is changed for the fifth time during all the fast pace action.

As for finding routes to the cam feed (mixed with BMIR from the playa and ambient playa sounds - check out the Camp Envy facebook page at:

Code: Select all
It is my understanding that in the San Diego area - there are viewing parties - of which I encuorage others to do the same. One could also use Internet skills and duplicate the feed distribution and a more "exclusive" chat group.

Web cam is not high up on my list and regret I have to pass those duties to others - but ask on the FB page and someone will help others duplicate the reception of both. I am focused on playa part of Camp Envy.

I am sure there are many other ways to access the cam(s?) via Internet connection. If you have been to the burn and see all those cherry pickers raised up high at the back of the masses - those are cams, some digital professional, others basic web cam. (I have mixed feelings - about a cam intruding, but as they are fixed yet can rotate and they not focus on people' faces - they are not noticed by 98 percent of the population.

BMIR's broadcast during the entire event can be enjoyed via their web sire or bundled with video feed.

You can watch the city build as the week goes by. Fun on Monday and Tuesday watching the mutant vehicles line up for final DMV inspection. Listen to the emergency weather broadcasts.....(almost like being there)


On playa Camp Envy fell short of requirements for placement that a skeleton crew could not meet. So we will be in unreserved space around 3:00. Sadly to make room for other groups whom might not be included in the Who What Where guide - I pulled our events (always giving back what is not required). We still have every intention of doing them - just a more impromptu schedule. Hope to engage our neighbors in a positive way for even more fun and games.

Stop by if you had the misfortune of watching the burn on cam before, or new to the playa for tips and tricks to get the most out of the burn experience.

Figgy of the Playa


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