Famous People at the Burn?

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Postby Rage » 12 years ago

Now that I'm shaving my head...

Without of course...LOL...good one.

Hair is highly overated as is age difference.

By the way, how did your Hair Club for Men Appointment go?
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Postby nostratomas » 12 years ago

--Ever-- wrote:
Sakadelik wrote:Paris Hilton was at BM this year.

Lol she'd last about 5 minutes unless she had someone holding an umbrella over her head and hand feeding her applesauce.

hate to say it but that girl was there & with the amount of 'round the world partying she does, she might outlast the best of us.
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Postby jackstraw » 12 years ago


http://www.webbery.com/galleries/burnin ... -0199.html

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