Reno Metal Mechanic Artist Needs work

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Reno Metal Mechanic Artist Needs work

Postby pobby » Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:54 pm

Hello Fellow Burners I live in reno as a full time artist (just because I cant find real paying work in this economy) I worked on the pier at 3:45 that big beautiful 300 foot pier last year. I'm throwing this out there to try and put my skills to work (and be able to get my life back together) I'm an auto mechanic, a welder and fabricator, a Photographer, Airbrush artist, Custom painter, wood worker. It seems like I can do just about anything outside of paying my bills. I spent 19 days on the playa 2011 building and decorating the peir, dealing with some generator issues and took the lead on building the bait shop, with Feisty taking the lead on the interior designs of coarse. I've spent a lot of time helping others fixing cars for next to nothing because they were hurting or building art cars for struggling artists with very small budgets. I built most of esra before I got kicked out of my shop and didn't have anywhere to finish it. I need a break I'm not asking for a handout but I need to be working asap. I have no driver's license which really keeps me from being able to promote my work or find work but I'm still plugging ahead. I'm willing to relocate anywhere I can find work. Thank you and god bless

Pobby Heglar

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