going dutch on BM

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going dutch on BM

Postby michazonders » 4 years ago

Hello BM'ers,

I'm Micha de Haan, A newbe from the Netherlands.
I am coming to BM this year and hope to launch my art at Black roch city.
My main art is interactive illuminated balloon art.
I hope to find people to collaborate with and travel friend to share expenses with.
I think that I will bring great added value to the festival.
In europe I have been evolving in both small and big projects.

you can see more about me and my art by following
http://www.artistballoon.com which is my facebook page.

One of the ideas is to build an electric parade or installation.

And if you have any room on an campervan let me know!
cheers micha de haan

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Re: going dutch on BM

Postby junglesmacks » 4 years ago

Whoa whoa whoa.. hey.. hi.

First, welcome!

Second, I was actually planning an installation of illuminated balloon art this year using sequenced RGB LEDs (viewtopic.php?f=282&t=52285)

I'd love to talk to you about this, as one design issue that I'm having is how to best illuminate the balloon while keeping the LED on the outside of it.. and successfully filling and sealing the balloon. The 3W LEDs that I'm wanting to you use would get too hot and need airflow.

Any suggestions you have, please feel free to add to the thread :D
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Re: going dutch on BM

Postby Savannah » 4 years ago

Hi Micha! Welcome to the board.

You might like to network with some other folks from the Netherlands:

And the all-Europe list:

You can also join up with people from all over in the 2012 Theme Camps forum (it'll get busier in a month or two):

Edited to add: Talk to ePlaya user Violet<3. She says she has some space in an RV.
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Re: going dutch on BM

Postby Elderberry » 4 years ago

Hey there, welcome to eplaya!
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Re: going dutch on BM

Postby ygmir » 4 years ago

I can hardly wait, to get my kid, to lastly start off to speak.
(spammer reference)

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Re: going dutch on BM

Postby theCryptofishist » 4 years ago

YOu could always cut and paste into my gibberish thread.
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