Got Fire?

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Got Fire?

Postby Wunder » 12 years ago

Did anyone notice a lack of fire this year?

It seemed like there were hardly any fire belching vehicles, fire cannons and quite a few less art pieces involving fire this year. Maybe the fire thing has been over done in the past few years and the artists/creators are taking a break. Or are there more restrictions placed on the fire arts, so therefore there was less fire?

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Postby polzicons » 12 years ago

I did! (Notice a lack of fire this year.) Whass up with THAT? In past years flame belching vehicles terrorized even the fathest reaches of BRC. Only after the Burn when burn platforms sprang up on the Playa did it feel almost right. My only direct and personal experience with fire at this year's "burn" was warming my hands over the barrels at 9 o'clock plaza. (Oh, and though I could barely see anything of the Temple burn, I was graciously pelted by glowing embers!) And speaking of the Temple, what was that steel frame all about? Geeze, whatta farce. Bring back the Fire! Let's put the BURN back in Burning Man! Any one else care to comment..? :twisted: ~POL
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Postby Dustdevil » 12 years ago

The weather was part to blame for the lack of fire. I wished to run my fire art every night and it just wasn't possible. Well, I guess it was possible, just not safe. Several other fire artists felt the same and still other fire art will not function in high winds. I ran mine on Friday and Saturday only.
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Postby Rah-Rah » 12 years ago

I totally agree about the lack of fire (and about the weather), but I didn't think that the restrictions had gotten any tighter, I could easily be wrong though. What I did notice was a lack of participation from what seemed to be "tourists". Maybe this, added to some poor weather conditions (I didn't think it was THAT bad, most nights were pretty decent) could have disheartened some of the fire artists. Maybe? Dunno, just throwing in my two cents. MORE FIRE NEXT YEAR!!!!!

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