Miracles. They Happen.

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Miracles. They Happen.

Postby Solito » 4 years ago

I got a text last night offering me tix by my theme camp's organizers. Not only for me and my SO Feenix (and our crazy tower), but also for all our core members. I was ecstatic. FAMILY REUNION!!!! HUGS ALL!!!

You should know that IF you are a theme camp member and your camp has a history of providing, then you may still be on the list to receive tix for essential crew. Keep in contact with the community, and attend regionals if you can.

PS - if offered, you will need to purchase them very quckly, keep money in your account.


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Re: Miracles. They Happen.

Postby ygmir » 4 years ago

hooray for you!!
and thanks for posting a positive, hope inspiring message.

we need some of that, more of that in fact.

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Re: Miracles. They Happen.

Postby Zhenya » 4 years ago


It looks like some of the 'key players' will be getting in...

As potential (but REALLY fun) newbies, we're hoping for a random act of kindness to get 2 tickets gifted to us so we may come.

-Zhenya & Christopher

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Re: Miracles. They Happen.

Postby lucky420 » 4 years ago


kiyiyippie yi a
Oh my god, it's HUGE!

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