Group of Asheville, NC burners looking for a camp to plug in

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Group of Asheville, NC burners looking for a camp to plug in

Post by Paul -V- » Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:57 am


We are a group of Asheville, NC burners looking to plug into an established camp at Burning Man this year. There are many performers in our group of 15-20; a lot of us are also skilled craftsman, builders, artists, chefs, and all-around helpful folks. About 6 of us already have tickets, and the rest, come hell or high-water are going to find one. (Note: These burners would be willing to work for tickets.)

Due to The Great Ticket Fiasco many camps are are looking for dedicated volunteers. We decided to explore the possibility of coordinating with one of them, not only because we want to make Burning Man 2012 even better than next year, but it would be good to have access to infrastructure that is harder to transport living as far away as we do.

The ideal scenario we are manifesting is a connection with others who are focused on wellness, positive living, and artistic performance. We would like a camp that has amenities such as power and a performance space for musicians, DJs, and circus artists.

We'd like to have our own identity, including a name for our camp, and to make a significant offering to the larger community in the form of performance, kitchen and camp maintenance, modest art installations, healing services, and more. We would love to be recognized as, say, the Asheville Element of Camp Super Wonderful.

If you have ideas of how and with whom we might connect in such a way that would meet some of our expressed needs please let me know. I would love it if you could direct to me any specific folks working on camp planning, so we could potentially get involved in the early stages to work towards the most mutually successful and helpful collaboration.

PM me if you'd like to include us, or send an email to our newsgroup: local-fauna at googlegroups dot com.
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