Have PA system, will play.

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Have PA system, will play.

Postby FrankieGoes » 4 years ago

Hi - I have a PA system and a generator. Looking for a camp to lay down some grooves.

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Re: Have PA system, will play.

Postby ygmir » 4 years ago

welcome........I'm sure there are plenty of camps looking for just such a person.......do you happen to DJ as well? you may want to say that.

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Re: Have PA system, will play.

Postby Savannah » 4 years ago

Some 2012 Theme Camps are here:

Click the map to find folks near you at network with them:

And be prepared to tell a camp you admire a lot more about yourself and (if you're a DJ) having a sample of your work. There are a lot of DJs, but you could start your own camp too (registered or unregistered). If you don't DJ, per se, there still might be a camp that would simply like to have a nice sound system, and be able to share amenities with you.

Good luck! And lock down your generator. They don't always go on walkabout, but they are attractive items on Burn night.
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Re: Have PA system, will play.

Postby FrankieGoes » 4 years ago

Thanks. Good advice. Yes, I dj as well. I like to play all kinds of music. Whatever the crowd is digging. I'm not in a camp yet. The camp I was with last year disbanded because of ticket issues.

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Re: Have PA system, will play.

Postby trilobyte » 4 years ago

Depending on your wattage, your camp options may be limited. There are some guidelines for amplified sound throughout the city (go to this page and scroll down to the section on Sound), if what you're looking to bring is larger than a few hundred watts. As you reach out to potential camps or campmates, make sure your wattage is a part of the discussion, as it might mean they need to make changes to their theme camp questionnaire. As others have pointed out, you can hopefully find a camp to connect with over on the theme camps board. Good luck and welcome to the site.

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