young couple new to burning man, looking for a tribe..

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young couple new to burning man, looking for a tribe..

Post by robtacular » Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:09 pm

Hi, all!

My name's Robby, and I'm 27 and living in the flathead valley (northwest montana). My girlfriend and I are burning man virgins, have tickets, and are looking to join a group heading to burning man. I realize it would be a far more interesting experience camping with others in a big set up rather than merely my girlfriend and I alone in a tent, so we are seeking a fun group to join who is driving there from the northern midwest U.S., and would like two artisans (I play guitar/djembe and my girlfriend draws) in their crew.. We would be happy to contribute to the gas fund. Just let me know, by emailing me at robtacular66 (at) Thanks!

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Re: young couple new to burning man, looking for a tribe..

Post by moonrise » Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:17 pm

It is possible you can "shout out" on some regional lists. Your area may have 1 to 3 or more BM Sanctioned lists. Event announce, discussion and possibly others.
I have met and become close to more burners then I can count through my regional list. I love them! Fambly, ya know?

Also, have you tried bookface and the other online social places? Even craiglist, if ya gotta. look for your region/state, sign up, email the co-ordinator and ask about "shout outs". You may be amazed and good luck and...

Welcome! :P
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Re: young couple new to burning man, looking for a tribe..

Post by Savannah » Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:20 pm

Hi Robtacular!

You could also sign up with & subsequently meet up with a camp once you get to the event. Try the 2012 Theme Camps forum and look particularly under Theme Camps Seeking Participants:

But look at the other individual threads there, too. Note: A theme camp is not mandatory on the least.

I'm not sure this is actually LIVE or active yet, but it will be active closer to the event. ... -man-2012/
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