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Artist seeking Artists

Postby Joostdenatris » Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:59 pm

I'm a birgin from The Netherlands and planning to get a Samba Band together this year. I play repinique in a samba percussion band in The Netherlands and I know some groovy samba will get a lot of people moving and smiling.

Would be great if we could play some samba, samba reaggae, coco, ciranda, maracatu, timbalada and/or marcha!
Although just some samba would be cool already :-)

I can only bring my own instrument (flying in and back packing) so you'ld have to bring yours aswell. Otherwise we could see if we can improvise somthing with plastic drum, cans, bottles, pots and stuff.

If you (want to learn how to) play brazilian percussion and if you´re interested, pm me!

but suppose it's not hypothetical...

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