Hello from a UK newbie!

Start here - tell us about yourself and what brings you to ePlaya.
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Hello from a UK newbie!

Postby RuthyC » 4 years ago

Hi all
Just thought I would slowly introduce myself while rapidly immersing myself in all that I read, see and hear about this amazing event.
First heard about it from a friend who went, and it left a small seed that has been growing since.
I hope to be able to go this year, if I find a ticket, and meet many seasoned and new burners!

RuthyC :)

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Re: Hello from a UK newbie!

Postby Elderberry » 4 years ago

Hey there, welcome to eplaya!
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Re: Hello from a UK newbie!

Postby paulo999 » 4 years ago

Hi Ruthy, best of luck with the ticket hunt. There's a few uk people here. Are you near London? There's a Burning Pub meet up this Thursday, near London Bridge.

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Re: Hello from a UK newbie!

Postby Savannah » 4 years ago

Hi Ruthy! Welcome. :D

You have my sympathies--a lot of people are still on the ticket search. Paulo's suggestion of meeting locals is spot-on. Locals are full of strategies and suggestions, can share on rentals, and have great stories . . . & if anyone needs to sell their ticket later, they're going to prefer to sell to a friend. That friend could be you.

When you're hunting for a ticket it's a good idea to make your packing list, renew your passport, and clear your schedule--just in case. But yeah . . . get your event ticket before making any sizable expenditures. A number of folks got caught with plane tickets but no Burn tickets last year.
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