how do pop-up campers do out there?

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how do pop-up campers do out there?

Postby guinguin » 4 years ago

I have never set up or used a pop-up camper so i was wondering if they survive the playa. seems like they might be flimsy and that wind might take them out. But then again, maybe they are sturdy...can anyone tell me their experience with pop-up campers on the playa? Thanx

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Re: how do pop-up campers do out there?

Postby Jackass » 4 years ago

I use one, they kick ass period.
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Re: how do pop-up campers do out there?

Postby theCryptofishist » 4 years ago

Tie em down real well, is what I hear, but when done, it works.
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Re: how do pop-up campers do out there?

Postby hotmess » 4 years ago

A friend of mine who joined our camp last year had one and it worked perfectly. That being said, last year was not the most challenging of years weather wise. I think it you placed guy lines from the top of the trailer and staked them into the ground just for security you would be good to go!

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