Lighting for the Terminally Inept...

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Re: Lighting for the Terminally Inept...

Post by Eric » Fri May 11, 2012 1:39 pm

Savannah wrote:I have been caught far from camp after the sun sets without a light, before. Not clever! Not only does it make visiting the bathrooms difficult, but it makes me likely to have a collision.
My day-bag has a mini-maglight (or a knock-off) in it at all times, just in case of this. It's about 3" and maybe 1/4" thick, I just keep it in the main pouch. My bike has basic front-and-rear lights (white/red) permanently affixed, so I don't have to worry about that, even if they're boring.

Quite honestly, with the level of lighting competition out there & my limited skills in that area I've gotten less worried about making killer lighting the longer I go and more interested in just making sure I'm not a darkwad. I don't need to be a Christmas Tree, I just need to be easily seen as you approach me. YMMV.
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Re: Lighting for the Terminally Inept...

Post by catinthefunnyhat » Fri May 11, 2012 2:03 pm

Yeah, making sure I'm not a darkwad will be my priority, but I'd like to try lighting up at least one piece of clothing... nothing fancy/serious, but just for a bit of fun. First priority is my bag (which will, yes, always have a flashlight in it, unless said light is in my hand). I figure that's a good place to start, because... well, putting a battery in it isn't going to be much of a challenge :wink: , and it'll be on my person all the time, outside of any other clothes (a jacket, I figure, is more likely to get covered up or removed, depending on conditions (mine and the weather)). I'll probably start with some Xmas or other decorative mini-lights on the strap (and this is where I steal Savannah's plan) plus an LED glowstick hung around my neck, and a flashlight to carry. The other lighting priority after that is the camp, at least enough to make it safe.

If I end up with the luxury of time to work on something more elaborate, maybe I'll have to light up a funnyhat or two. And I do like the look of those little body-light LEDs; I might get some of them and steal waxpraxis' excellent tie-tack idea, or similar.

It's hard to do anything these days except fantasize about clothing, lighting, and shelter for the playa. It makes me giggle on the inside.
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