No spam/violation triangle

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No spam/violation triangle

Postby BoyScoutGirl » 4 years ago

Found a post here: by Caltbrainia (who looks to be a porno salesperson, only French).

If there's no (!) triangle to flag a message as spam/a violation, does that mean it's already been marked?
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Re: No spam/violation triangle

Postby delle » 4 years ago

Usually it means you've not logged in and are browsing as a guest. At least that's been my experience.
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Re: No spam/violation triangle

Postby C187 » 4 years ago

The post pre-dates the current phpBB version running, the field that generates the marker simply doesn't exist.
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Re: No spam/violation triangle

Postby Elderberry » 4 years ago

You'd think that the older posts would have been automatically upgraded along with everything else.
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Re: No spam/violation triangle

Postby trilobyte » 4 years ago

It appears to be something affecting the 2004 boards, may also affect a number of 'years past' - will take a look at it shortly.

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