Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Discuss and share theme camp plans, find a camp to join, or recruit new campmates here.
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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by crazyprotein » Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:36 pm

Hey y'all! [b]Orphan/Endorphyn Camp[/b] has been a haven for those who don't have a Playa family for the last two years and is happy to open its doors for Burning Man 2012. We welcome anybody who wants to be a part of a community of random people from all over the world brought together by Playa magic!

There's no cover or any list of requirements, but we all contribute our time, energy and stuff to a camp, to make it our home for a week, voluntary cash contributions are welcome (we rent a truck to bring tarps, shade and couches to the Playa and chip in for beer). We had a super comfortable lunge last year with swings, couches and even piano! Shower, plenty of shade and a communal kitchen.
You are welcome to be as social as you want, be a loner, be an active participant, bartend, there's no expectations rather than following main principles and be nice :)

If you have questions or want to join us please post to
You should have bought a squirrel

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by JessieX » Tue Apr 17, 2012 4:57 am

More Carrot - Black Rock City's Farmers Market

Do you love fruits and vegetables? Do you love them even *more* on the playa? Then join the More Carrot camp, Black Rock City's Farmers Market.

We offer a farmers' market stall Tues - Friday, 8-10 a.m. in the morning with fresh fruits and vegetables, ready-to-eat fresh food and many a gifted item from others, such as homemade granola, jars of honey and more. We also offer a mobile farmers market and ride around on a carrot-themed bike offering fresh vegetables to our dust-covered brethren. This year, we're looking into a pedal-powered juice machine. :-) Some people know us through our More Carrot march in protest of the Billion Bunnies March.

But no matter how you know us -- or if you've never heard of us -- we're a day-focused camp (with plenty of time for evening fun); we have a group meal each night (everyone joins a cooking team for one night); and we keep our numbers relatively small and intimate (maxing around 25). We offer a kitchen, shade, group water purchase, a shade dome and chill space, a scaffold tower for great playa views 24/7 and a wonderful experience. We gather in Reno the Friday before to get together, provision and demoop our stuffs and produce, pack our truck and do whatever needs to be done.

We have (fingers crossed) solar power this year, in addition to our generator.

Overall, we're a sweet camp. We've gotten great placement from BORG recently with one year next to the Rangers, and last year by DPW and Kidsville, all close to Center Camp. No guarantees of course on what will happen this year, but, in general, we're a nice vibe, not-too-loud camp. Our camp mates hail mostly from Sydney, Australia and semi-coastal US (LA, DC, SF).

We're looking for camp mates who have tickets. People who love good healthy food. And fun, capable, bright souls to join our camp.

PM me at newburn.jessie @ gmail with "Count me in as a Carrot" if you are interested in joining our camp.

In peas and carrots,

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by efng » Sat Apr 21, 2012 4:34 am

Costco Soulmates Trader Outlet is hiring

Do you have what it takes to change the world? If you join our team, changing the world is just the beginning.

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet (CSTO) is Black Rock City’s oldest and largest providers of high quality soulmates at rock bottom prices. Established in 1998, CSTO has serviced a large percentage of Black Rock by providing a highly personal experience to each of our customers who have chosen us as their source for a new soulmate.

Due to the recent upswing in the economy and the commensurate growth in Black Rock, CSTO is hiring for a number of full-time permanent positions to staff our our store. This is where you come in: we want you to join our team!

job duties will include:

realizing your awesome, participating in camp activities, work a couple of shifts in the CSTO store, connecting with customers & coworkers in a meaningful way, yelling at hippies to bring their own damn water, filling in forms, interfacing with a supercomputer, mocking Canadians, singing like a fool, feeding bears & bats, experiencing joy, experiencing exhaustion, loving your job, meeting the best & the worst that BRC has to offer.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

Two square meals a day, showers, shade, sarcasm, frosty beverages, amazing & sexy coworkers, being apart of a mob of catholic school girls terrorizing the playa one night, leveraged knowledge transfer and as much dust as you desire.

If you are interested in finding out if you would be a good match for our camp please contact us at cstosouls(at)gmail(dot)com. Someone from our human resources department will get back to you shortly.

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age or being Canadian.
Have you been to your local BRC soulmate outlet? If Not, come by Costco Soulmate Trader Outlet! We offer high quality soulmates at the lowest prices.

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Botanica in the French Quarter

Post by chakrakhan » Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:01 pm

This is a call to all helpful spirits who would like to lend thier souls to the French Quarters Botanika this year. I am looking for shamans, readers, healers, empaths and anything else you think you can add to the group. If you would like to participate please join our google group​group/black- ... nica?hl=en and fill out the sign up sheet:​spreadsheet/​c ... 5Unc#gid=0
Please like the Botanicas Facebook page​Botanica ... 8627773516

Welcome to Google Docs

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The Black Rock Kwoon and Dojo Wants You!

Post by Kannik » Sun May 13, 2012 7:01 pm

Black Rock Kwoon and Dojo: Martial Arts, Meditation, and the Art of the Delivery

Based in Sunnyvale, CA and you do not need to be local to join us!

Description: Our red shrine returns for its third year. Within the temple we are students of motion. Martial arts, qi gong, meditation, and other pursuits are welcome here. Beneath the shade we don our saffron robes and practice the form and fluidity of mind and body. Master and novice alike find ways to hone their skills and cultivate their self. We are serenity. We are intensity. And when our minds are clear and we are as one with the Zen of the universe itself... the sacred gong rings out and we spring into motion, delivering fresh baked goods to various points around the city!

What we need: We are looking for people interested in teaching martial classes, leading meditation sessions, and tearing across the desert at a dead run, orange robes flowing, a battle flag strapped to their back, and a basket full of baked goods, or beer, or wine, or coffee to be delivered from one of our sibling camps to a designated location.

You do not need to camp with us to teach a class or to be part of the delivery action – and if you DO want to camp with us you will have a home on the playa with like-minded martial arts and meditation enthusiasts!

See you on the playa,



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Comfort & Joy Registration Open to Queers & Our Friends

Post by kitten_sf » Wed May 16, 2012 10:01 pm

Comfort & Joy's Village Registration is Now Open!

Yes, our 2012 Camp Registration is now open! Want to be part of the fabulous Comfort & Joy Village Camp at 2012 Burning Man? Complete our camp census and pay a camp fee deposit by July 1st to secure a spot. Read on to find out more!


Q: What does Comfort & Joy do at Burning Man?

A: Many people think of us a queer community center for Black Rock City. We host dozens of daily educational workshops, a variety of colorful performances, extensive blacklight kinetic art installations, a full service “Pink Gym” well stocked with serious exercise equipment & several regional sub-camps from Las Vegas, New York, Oakland and San Francisco as part of the Comfort & Joy village. Much exciting stuff is in the works for 2012. We welcome your positive enthusiasm wherever you live on the playa. Come over & visit!


Q: What is the Comfort & Joy “theme”?

A: Historically, our theme has been summed up by our name, holding space for joyous comfort with a gay male faerie focus, although we welcome all friendly guests. This flexibility is reflected in our organizational strategy: any project, event or art installation that a camp member feels represents either comfort or joy is a welcome addition to our offerings. We are very open to whatever faeries dream up, and we live to help inspire, heal and expand hearts & minds in warm, entertaining and joyous ways. Show us your passion, tranny! We’ll work with your ideas & help you find ways through our network of volunteers (if you bring the will to make your idea a reality).


Comfort & Joy does more than provide a flexible theme that welcomes many projects. The camp also creates a supportive environment with a variety group services which help create a solid platform from which faeries & their friends can launch creative projects.

Facilities available to camp members include a large kitchen tent that serves hot meals twice a day, showers, fresh drinking water, limited electricity for personal tents from our network of solar panels, and of course a communal costume dressing room. And we work together to help our members transport and store their Burning Man projects. Comfort & Joy is an excellent environment for anyone pursuing their big gay idea. What’s yours?

Membership in Comfort & Joy is open to gay-friendly people willing to pay dues & work to make our Village a fabulous resource for visiting queers from all over Black Rock City. We are a "venue" and our members are "venue staff." Find out more about the rewards & responsibilities of camping with Comfort & Joy on our 2012 Village Registration Page.


Got Questions? Find answers to Comfort & Joy's Frequently Asked Questions

Stay in Touch! Wherever you live on the playa, you can stay informed by joining Comfort & Joy's Facebook Group and following us on Twitter.
:: Comfort & Joy

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by forrest Gump » Fri May 18, 2012 8:07 am

The mysterious wheel of uncertainty and mystical inclusion?

contact info: [email protected]

In the spirit of the small town carnival mixed with the magic of burning man. Burners can wander into our carnival and participants will spin a large wheel and depending on where it stops will be directed to do things that you might not do in the default world. Some of the things are just silly some are more adventurous all are inclusive. Examples might be spinner must hug 10 strangers, dance when they walk, volunteer for a day, become a piece of art, ect.. We would like to cater particularly to virgins and give then a gentile push toward the spirit of burning man. Our mantra is Participants become the art and the art is Participation.

Layout description
the carnival portion of the camp will open to the road. This is the theme camp / interactive space; a wheel and prize wall under a 25' to 30' shade structure. Behind the cubicles, vehicles will be used as a perimeter geodesic domes and personal tents arranged inside. Approximately 10 personal tents and smaller shades are expected. Shared spaces will include a 20' diameter shade structure, 10'x20' carport cooking and eating space, evaporation device, shower bag structure, and various comfy camping chairs.

We are fun group of 18 to 40 something’s year olds looking for like minded people. We do not expect you to be our best friend but you should be social and able to communicate with more than grunts and growls. We all get along great and share “chores” mostly cooking dishes and running the wheel. We share the evening meal together served at sunset. Then everyone goes their separate ways or goes in small groups. We take turns cooking doing dishes, and running the wheel. We are from all across the U.S., New York to San Francisco. This is not our first theme camp, we are not a large camp, 20 people max.
We are looking for more camp mates who are
Open to new experiences, Have a passion for life, Play ,participate, dance, contribute, accept gifts, help, share, push their boundaries, experiment, experience, overcome preconceived notions, celebrate!

What camp provides
Food for evening meals
Shower (must bring your own shower bag)
A prime space to set up your shelter (4:30 & G)
Being a part of a theme camp
Ability to meet some new chill people
A place to rest and recuperate

What you provide
Finical contribution to cover shared cost (PM for details)
Water to drink and shower
Food beyond what camp supplies
Your own shelter
Passion, openness

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by HotBox_brcu » Wed May 23, 2012 8:22 pm

Black Rock Center for Unlearning BRCU/Sex Filth Avenue Boutique
Reno, Nevada, the World

BRCU, 4th year Theme Camp. Founded in 2009, our Motto is Fuck What You Know. Our Mission: Washing All That Knowledge Right Out of Your Head since 2009.
We have paired up with Sex Filth Avenue Boutique for the 2012 Burn to ensure the survival of both camps. We are maintaining them as separate camps. BRCU has a proud tradition of recruiting and welcoming virgin campers from ALL OVER THE WORLD. We have a mock college attitude where we have bar challenges for citizens of BRC to earn badges as well as activities and lectures to encourage people to get together, and participate. We are looking for active participants who want to be a part of a camp with people who consider themselves family. We don't just hang out on the playa; we visit each other near and far, we throw birthdays, and take care of one another through triumph and tragedy. If you have a skill, or a passion, we want to welcome you, and share it with you.

SFA provides a self-service costume shop based on the 10 principles of Burning Man. We are a non-party camp. People visit our shop, and bring friends, and pay it forward. We keep the shop clean, pass advice when needed, and dress people helping make them part of the community. We are also part of the BRCU family and the two share an infrastructure- you can escape to the quiet by living in this camp, but are still a part of something.

We don't care about your experience, just your drive. Every skillset has a place with us- serving at the bar, teaching a 'class', helping set up carports, djing for the masses, washing dishes or prepping dinner with our food team- we need you all and I promise you will find fun, home, and satisfaction.

Our website is or visit our facebook page.

You can email me at any time with questions at [email protected], message me on Eplaya, text/call me 775-232-8223, I'll even answer questions via smoke signal. We want to know that we'll all be a good fit, but we accept all types.
Virgin, 2009
Dean of Funds and Facilities, 2010
Dean of Fundraising, Membership 2011
Black Rock Center for Unlearning; 7:30 & C (2009), 3:30 & D (2010), 4:30 & A (2011)
"Washing all that knowledge right out of your brain since 2009!"

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by FjordLynn » Thu May 24, 2012 4:17 pm

The Hookah Lounge

Based in Jacksonville, FL but people are welcome from all over

The Hookah Lounge is an experience in sensation. We offer flavored tobaccos to Burning Man participants in a chill lounge atmosphere. In addition, our members will have access to a nightly buffet with exotic and savory dishes.

Registration is open now. Please read and register at

What we need: You!
The Hookah Lounge Theme Camp Co-Organizer

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Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by Abbatile » Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:25 am

Calling all Oenophiles!

The Black Rock Wine Cellar is once again opening its subterranean wine storage facility for public use. We will be storing the wines and champagnes of our fellow burners in our refrigerated facility. We simply need a few folks to help check the wines in, and then check them back out when their owner comes to claim them. In addition to storage, we look forward to hosting tastings, in which we share some of our special selections. We just need help pouring the wine and washing some glasses. Or if you've ever wanted to be a Sommelier, now is your chance - if you'd like to host a tasting yourself, well, we think that would be just grand. So, whether you're looking for a camp to be a part of, or just want to help out, email us at: [email protected]. See ya in the dust!

Wineaux and DanO

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by BrokenAngelBathouse » Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:49 pm


Join us in crafting the soaps that cleanse us, the oils that fortify us, and the perfumes that caress us. Our Broken Angels are creating this house of water, copper, and silk. Help us in sharing the gift of bath and massage, in sharing the essence of life. The Broken Angel Bathhouse is a small camp in its 2nd year at Burning Man, devoted to creating and gifting bath scrubs and oils, and providing healing body work. If this strikes your fancy, email [email protected] for more details...


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Love Organic Fruit? Help us give it away!!

Post by bluedog_sd » Sun Jun 17, 2012 8:16 pm

Hello Burners new and old!

WMICC Fruits and Veggies (The World's Most Inviting Climate Camp) is looking for both campers and people to help us give away 1000 pounds of real fresh fruit! There is a link at the bottom with how to join/help - please read!

A little about us: We're pretty old school burners with a young and happy attitude. We camp near the outer ring and we don't overpromote what we do so that we can be a real "find" for those who get to us but - we give away organic fruit fresh from one of the organizers family farm. In 2011 we gave away 1000 pounds of melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, figs, grapes and more. This year we will bring about the same amount of whatever is in season.

We've lost camp mates to the lottery so we are looking for both campers to help set up and also people that may want to serve fruit for a couple of hours.

A few important facts:
- We don't charge any camp dues
- On the flip side we don't provide things like full meals or anything like that
- IE - you are expected to bring enough food, water and shelter to survive the week (we do love sharing and potluck but everyone is throwing in)
- You do get to eat as much of the fruit as you want :)
- We camp near outer ring at 3:00 - it's mellow but it's easyt to get to the craziness!
- We have a lovely shade structure, public furniture, a friendly bar with ice (If you are a moderate to heavy drinker we expect you to bring a bit of personal stock) hammocks, a small genator (if you need to charge batteries or an iPod no problem ..... but your hair dryer is probably not welcome:) a parachute and a small sound system.
- We don't have a booming sound system - we like to go to the boom when we choose to.
- The camp activity in terms of hosting our fruit stand is a day event so if you camp with us there is no worry about "night shifts"
- We are mellow partiers - yes we party but we are not the freakers (god love em)
- We are very welcoming to newbies - last year about 20% of the camp were first timers
- If you camp with us we want you to commit to work 2 shifts of a couple of hours working the fruit stand and/or picking up the fruit from the cold storage which is in another camp.
- You MUST pack your own moop out and keep camp clean.
- We ask every camper to participate reasonably in break down regardless of what day you leave

You can read a lot more here if you are interested!


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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by nexd » Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:57 pm

The Black Rock Bakery is looking for new bakers. Fresh breads and pastries, prepared with monastic focus, and delivered hot to theme camps around the city. Our dedicated squads of warrior monks will overcome any obstacle to ensure that your petit fours arrive as planned, and are under strict orders to never break stride until they reach their destination - bakers and athletes - join the team! For more information contact [email protected] and check out our Facebook page at

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by drjesus » Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:17 am

Sk8 Kamp or
San Francisco, CA

For our second year we are looking to go bigger and better. We like skateboarding, skate culture, and good music. We are bringing a full skateboard park with integrated DJ/band stage out to the desert. 2011 was the premier year for Sk8 Kamp. We figure every city needs a skateboard park, so why not Black Rock City too. While some people thought it was a crazy idea, as if there weren’t enough ways to hurt your self on the playa, we said why not?

We're looking for new members. All are welcome, but preference to skaters, builders, and general doers.


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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants - Spank the Monkey

Post by sunnystar » Sat Jun 23, 2012 7:15 pm

Hey fellow burners! Greetings from Spank the Monkey Lounge! We have been a small bar theme camp on the playa since 2006 based out of Salt Lake City.

We have had a few folks who aren't able to attend this year for various reasons "(tickets, time off etc.) so we have some extra space, we could accommodate some additional burners/tents. We do have some camp "dues" so to speak (PM for details if you're interested). We will be in the 4:30 and D area this year. We are open minded, mellow and just ask that you help at the bar on occasion.

We have a big bar, playa couches and structures (public and private for campmates), shower, generator and stereo/music, water in large quantity, kitchen etc. I have been going to BM since 2002 and all of our SLC based campers are experienced and welcoming. We are a fun and drama free bunch and would love to meet some newcomers.

PM me if it sounds like your cup of tea :)

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them." - Emerson

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by cougarLOO » Thu Jun 28, 2012 5:55 pm

The French Quarter Press Corp is the official Photography team in charge of Documenting and Visually capturing the Glory of the BLACK ROCK FRENCH QUARTER. We provide a space for pro's and amateurs alike to develop their craft, and a platform for development through the act of gifting. Anyone can come to the French Quarter and give the gift of photography, Videography, journalism or any other type of documentation.
Questions? Email Shawn(cougar LOO) [email protected]


Check out our facebook ... 1385756908

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by Galaxo Magic » Fri Jun 29, 2012 5:23 pm

Hello Burners, Dr Galaxo here from the Chico band GravyBrain and co-creator of the Beau Le’Phant mutant vehicle. I help coordinate a small placed theme camp, Camp Upsie Dasium and we are still looking for a few more campmates for 2012.

Our top need is at least 1 or 2 more people as part of my early arrival team. We are planning to arrive on playa on Wed Aug 22nd before the gate opens via early arrival passes and I need some people who can commit to coming early to help build. Our camp could also accommodate a few other people arriving after the gate opens as well. The people who arrive after the gate would be expected to help with tear down on Sunday and Monday after the burn, usually shooting to leave BRC on early Monday morning maybe even Tue (Depends if there really is going to be 60,900 people as the new permit allows!).

We are trying to step it up a little for this year so would love it if our new campers had other talents and/or infrastructure to bring to the playa to help that goal. We have a really nice camp set-up and live pretty comfortable on playa. If you like to cook or have an awesome shade structure that would be cool.

We are a bit older, do not have camp dues, love to get everything set up by Sunday so we can just enjoy the week.

If you’re interested PM me, Dr. Galaxo) and let’s talk!
Elephant trainer to the MV Beau Le'Phant, the pink elephant!
Camp Upsie Dasium

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by StevenTheGreat » Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:22 am

Camp New Jersey is coming back for the 8th straight year!

Strangely enough, campers this year are based mostly out of Denver and SF.

We camp on the 4:30 Plaza. We typically run an afternoon & evening bar with great shade, some misting, and some Jersey fuckin attitude. This year we're planning on adding a couple "Atlantic City Casino" parties to the mix. We'll be running poker, roulette, blackjack, and craps tables in addition to the bar for 2 nights (probably Tues and Thurs officially + whenever else gaming transpires). We build two connected 27' x 27' pyramids for the main entertaining space and roughly equal area of adjacent shade for tents. In addition to entertainment seating and lounging, we have a basic kitchen, a "costume tent", gray water evap system, and a basic shower. We will most likely have a small camp of 15-25.

We could use a couple extra campers who would be able to help run the gaming tables during one or both of our casino parties. It's going to be rather informal, but some experience dealing cards (blackjack and/or poker) and capable of tending payouts for craps and roulette would be very helpful. Odds/payout charts will be brought for reference and in case/when intoxication > math skills. Most of our camp who are actually from Jersey are not able to make it to burn this year, so not to worry if you've never lived in the Garden State. Training in Jersey sass will be included.

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Dr. Pyro
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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by Dr. Pyro » Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:15 am

New Jersey? Which exit?

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by StevenTheGreat » Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:20 am

Dr. Pyro wrote:New Jersey? Which exit?
We got a comedian, this fuckin guy over here...

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by vermontgus » Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:19 am

Hola, Mind Wrecking Crew!

We are two hardworking DJs/Musicians seeking a friendly, loving, and accommodating camp where we can thrive and contribute.

We are respectively Gus and Marie, and we both hail from SF. We will gladly provide musical accompaniment for our camp, both with live instruments and via DJ sets. For a taste of our sound and style, please go to:

Aside from that, we are extremely respectful and responsible people. We are willing to participate and help out in any way needed. Gus, in particular, in quite fond of strenuous physical labor.

We also are preparing healthy supplies of food, drink, and other assorted party supplies to share with our trusted camp-mates.

Please let us know if you'd like for us to help your camp be zenith of BRC!

Gus & Marie

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by trilobyte » Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:13 pm

Camp organizers and participants - go check out Spark - the new Burning Man collaboration site. Check out the Burning Blog post about it, or go here to check out the site, sign up, and connect with collaborators!


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