Virgin burner trying to make it out this year.

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Virgin burner trying to make it out this year.

Post by qBear » Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:37 pm

Hey all,
The name is qBear. From the Bay Area and hopefully trying to make it out to BRC this year. I don't yet have a ticket because of that whole ticket thing blah blah blah... but hopefully one will show up in my hands. I will either be camping alone if I get a ticket or joining a camp and helping out with whatever is needed of my skills. I am an artist, mechanic, thinker, creative designer, and a bunch of other self made titles. I'm just throwing myself out there and introducing myself in the case of the lucky event that I do get a ticket. What should I do in the meantime to prepare for this year or even to get ahead for 2013 including the best way to get a ticket for next year?
Thanks all!

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Re: Virgin burner trying to make it out this year.

Post by dragonpilot » Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:50 pm

Hey qBear!

Get into the First Timer's Guide, read it, and read it again. Then scour all the posts in this forum. If you've done any back country camping combined with good ol' family car camping trips you'll be well-prepared. If not, you've got a steeper learning curve. The biggies for this trip is making sure you are fully self-contained. There's no power, water, or grocery stores...ya gotta bring it all!

There is ice available for sale...8# crushed/10# a decent ice chest will keep perishables and beverages temps range from cold to HOT! Dress accordingly.
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Re: Virgin burner trying to make it out this year.

Post by Savannah » Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:12 pm

Hey qBear!

Dragonpilot gave you great advice.

The advice I give anyone looking for a last minute ticket is 1) tell all your friends, family, and co-workers you're looking, so that when they hear something, they'll think of you 2) request your time off, but have a backup vacation planned in case you're not allowed to give those hours back, and 3) start making a packing list based on the items listed in the Survival Guide linked below in my signature. There are starter lists in the guide. (Newcomers who don't have a list get overwhelmed by how much there is to pack or shop or think about, even if they find a ticket).

As for tips for next year . . . add yourself to the Jack Rabbit Speaks email newsletter (great info and updates there). ... lists.html

And seek out regional groups and contacts. It can only help.
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