Upright pianos

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Upright pianos

Postby vaddynwashere » 4 years ago

2010 seemed to be a very piano-fruitful year at BRC. I saw them at several street corners, they seemed to be popping up everywhere like mushrooms after an August rain :)
Then, in 2011, there were barely any.
Which camps are bringing pianos this year? Where will these camps be placed?

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Lassen Forge
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Re: Upright pianos

Postby Lassen Forge » 4 years ago

We are working on Return of St. Willard of Novgorod for Kantina. No promises, but lucky 8 ball says chances are good.

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Dr. Pyro
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Re: Upright pianos

Postby Dr. Pyro » 4 years ago

Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro will have our piano on playa. We even have a piano tuner as part of our contingent. If you Google Barbie Death Camp + piano you should be able to see a YouTube video of it last year.

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Re: Upright pianos

Postby oscillator » 4 years ago

Osc will return with tuning hammer and mutes.

@Doc, I think you are set for 2012.

@BBS: I refuse to alter St Willard, but you knew that.

Anyone else needing pianos tuned, just LMK.

"You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish." - Glenn Gould

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Re: Upright pianos

Postby revjim » 4 years ago

VooDoo Soup will have a piano. We are located at A and 2:30.

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