Anyone solve the "Vault into Heaven's" Scavenger h

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Anyone solve the "Vault into Heaven's" Scavenger h

Postby Fluffy » Mon Sep 27, 2004 1:39 pm

Hey there,
Was anyone able to unlock the three toolboxes of "Vault into Heaven" at Mercury and 4:30?

I was able to unlock the first of three lock on the first box... which was just enough to whet my curiosity, but not enough to keep walking around, looking for more key symbols.

I also briefly considered thinking outside the box, and solving it by
1)picking up some bolt cutters to get into the boxes
2)keeping the first lock for myself.
3) Taking the boxes back to may camp and working out the combinations by trial and error (only about 27,000 possible combinations per lock...)

However, I kind of got the idea that the creators of this camp might not appreciate such forms of creative (albiet immorral) problem solving, and therefore I did no such thing.

So, if anyone WAS able to open the boxes, I'd love to know what was inside.

I'm a fluffy boy!

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