Cloud 9 - a floating dream

Planning to build and bring a mutant vehicle? Talk about your plans and recruit crew members here.
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Cloud 9 - a floating dream

Postby aliebling » 4 years ago

9 o'clock stalwart The Geisha House has wanted to do a community friendly art car for years. All that was missing was a theme to inspire us. While wandering the playa last year we found it and now we've been spending the year creating it.

We look forward to taking you all for the coziest ride imaginable...and during the day, when it's too hot to roam, stop by 9&H and enjoy our air conditioning, sake and Japanese treats!

We're also having a fun(d)raiser @ nimby this Saturday! Come and cuddle on our cloud and check out other playa projects like Anubis (from the Trojan Horse of 2011) and more!


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Re: Cloud 9 - a floating dream

Postby bluebug549 » 4 years ago

Can you seat guests for dinner? The Sunset Supper Club is looking for art cars that can seat guests for a gourmet 7 course dinner and then take them for a cruise afterwards.
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