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Postby ACfromSAC » 4 years ago

Instagram > both IMHO. How say you? Instagram link on profile?

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Re: Facebook & Twitter Profile Links

Postby C187 » 4 years ago

ACfromSAC wrote:Instagram > both IMHO. How say you? Instagram link on profile?

While we're at it might as well add Dribbble and Sound Cloud.

Personally I never saw the point of Instagram when the camera app is good enough, and if I really wanted to change up the photo I could use one of the many Adobe apps.
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Re: Instagram?

Postby trilobyte » 4 years ago

Splitting your feature request from the FB/Twitter linking announcement and putting it into the Feature Requests board.

We do not currently do instagram (or flickr or tumblr, two other photocentric social sites). I can take a look into it during the off-season (post-burn).

Personally I'm with you, C187, I use Adobe tools and a few photo toy apps on my smart phone, I tend to keep the image processing and social networking in separate buckets. That's just me though.

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