Pony Girl Express

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Re: Pony Girl Express

Postby Elliot » 4 years ago

Splendid! I'll bring it over as soon as I get there.

I still think you should push to recruit a third builder, in case of breakdowns. Different designs protect against design flaws. (Yeah, we can all do only so much.)
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Re: Pony Girl Express

Postby ZaphodBurner » 4 years ago

The Green Hour absinthe and root beer saloon is at 9:00 and D. The root beer will make the ponies refreshed and snappy, but the absinthe might cause them to run around in circles or engage in promiscuous behavior with each other. We'll have ice water ready for them in any case.
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Kimera Azriel
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Re: Pony Girl Express

Postby Kimera Azriel » 4 years ago

We remember your camp from last year. It will have to be our route again this year as we had a good time there. Thanks for the invite. You will see ponies.
Kimera Azriel

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Re: Pony Girl Express

Postby SachiIvy » 4 years ago

I ran half way down my block to greet and take a photo of a pony and rider - didn't realize that it was a whole message delivery organization! I was so excited and amazed - the pony girl and delivery lady were the very first thing that inspired me to break out the camera! Good job! Going to have to send some message love this year!

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