2012 FERTILITY FOOD DRIVE - After the burn, give back!

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2012 FERTILITY FOOD DRIVE - After the burn, give back!

Postby kitten_sf » Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:11 pm


After Burning Man winds down, donate your leftover non-perishable camp food to the Pyramid Lake Paiute Food Bank, which helps local foster children, elders & victims of domestic violence.

As you drive through the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation look for Comfort & Joy's bright Day-Glo flags decorating Taco Stands in Nixon + Wadsworth to easily find drop-off points for the Food Bank... and amazing fresh Tacos.

FOOD DRIVE Dropoff Locations: Look for the Flags!

(1) NIXON: Bunny's Tacos
Serving Frybread / Veggie Tacos
Downtown Nixon - Approx 60 miles south of Gerlach
(Also be sure to visit the Tribal Mueseum in Nixon)

(2) WADSWORTH: Elaine's Stop
Serving Indian Tacos / Frybread / Taco Salad
1 Mile North of I-80, Exit 447

Be sure to support the tribe by buying gas & stopping for a Taco - they're delicious! You can also donate unwanted Bikes to the tribe at these licensed food vendors. All food + bike donations are collected directly by tribal members & benefit local people in need.

For more information, read about the Food Drive on Facebook, or contact Comfort & Joy.
:: Comfort & Joy
:: http://www.playajoy.org

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