Covering Tent Mesh with Magnets & Fabric

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Re: Covering Tent Mesh with Magnets & Fabric

Postby FIGJAM » 4 years ago

Take a king size sheet and cover everything in your tent when you're not in it.

Then you can take the dust out once a day.
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Re: Covering Tent Mesh with Magnets & Fabric

Postby MacGlenver » 4 years ago

Definitely like that idea. Simple and effective.
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Re: Covering Tent Mesh with Magnets & Fabric

Postby Bob » 4 years ago

Start with what you have around the house, and pilfered office supplies. Medium to large binder clips make serviceable spring clips. Wrap with tape for a little padding.
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Re: Covering Tent Mesh with Magnets & Fabric

Postby Piquan7+ » 3 months ago

Consider using they type of flat magnet that comes on rolls for maximum surface area and sealing. You could even stich it into the edge of the mesh. ... strips.php

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