Bringing in a MV thru the Gate

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Bringing in a MV thru the Gate

Postby Hedy » 4 years ago


I will be towing a friend's MV to BRC. He will not be with me, as I am getting there earlier than him. Will there be an issue bringing his MV thru the gate? Do I need to have any of his DMV paperwork with me, or doesn't that matter at the gate?


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Re: Bringing in a MV thru the Gate

Postby Jackass » 4 years ago

I believe you should have all accompanying MV paperwork and correspondence with you, otherwise they might make you leave it outside the gate.
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Re: Bringing in a MV thru the Gate

Postby Elliot » 4 years ago

You MUST have his paperwork with you. This sheet of paper is an invitation to bring the MV to BRC for its inspection (approval or disapproval) at the DMV office near Center Camp. You will quite simply NOT get thru the gate without that sheet of paper. If you show up at the Gate without it, you will have to leave the MV in a storage lot outside the gate, with no guarantee as to its well-being while there.
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Re: Bringing in a MV thru the Gate

Postby Playa+Tom » 4 years ago

You can leave it in D lot and you friend can take it from there after he evicts the family of hippies that have moved in.

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Re: Bringing in a MV thru the Gate

Postby Galaxo Magic » 4 years ago

Yes, have ALL the paperwork with you or be prepared for DOOM!
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Re: Bringing in a MV thru the Gate

Postby mrchiff » 4 years ago

Are you sure this is person is a friend? They should already know that the DMV paperwork is THE most important part of the process.

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Re: Bringing in a MV thru the Gate

Postby theCryptofishist » 4 years ago

Unfortunately, the correspondance of people who can build mvs and who can license mvs is not one-to-one...
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Re: Bringing in a MV thru the Gate

Postby motskyroonmatick » 4 years ago

I assume you are coming in early entry.

You will need to hand to the gate people,

Early Entry Bar Code
Mutant Vehicle Invitation--- The email that DMV sends that says you may bring a mutant vehicle to BRC-- It does not have to be in your name but you have to have the printed out email.

In my experience they like to look at each document one at a time and usually check documentation before conducting the vehicle search.

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