early entry ice sales?

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early entry ice sales?

Postby honey_b_temple » 4 years ago

I have an early entry pass, and heard that there's no ice sales until gate opens. Does anyone know if that's true?

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Re: early entry ice sales?

Postby Just_Joe » 4 years ago

Ice was available at Center Camp location LAST YEAR on Thursday w/limited hours (12-3?).
I haven't seen any info come across the wires this year tho...

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Re: early entry ice sales?

Postby portaplaya » 4 years ago

Ice sales are normally open at Center Camp on or before the bulk of Early Entry passes for theme camps and artists. Check the sign there for exact hours and dates, but last couple of years it has been Friday, Sat, Sun (all pre-event) from noon-to-something.

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Dusty McShroomface
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Re: early entry ice sales?

Postby Dusty McShroomface » 4 years ago

Early entry ice sales are generally for shorter time period and have LONG LINES.
Definitely get there early.
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