Camp SCIENCE! Seeks Birgins.

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Camp SCIENCE! Seeks Birgins.

Postby CarrieSnarf » Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:36 am

Do you own more tha one box with a Spiel des Jahres on the front? Do you enjoy a good drunken discussion on neo-darwinism? Are you an enigneer/programmer/medical type? Have you ever had a screaming bar fight over Edison vs. Tesla? Well, maybe you would like to camp with us.

Maybe (defintiely) this is the rum talking- but I want to adopt a Birgin or two this year. Its my bleeding (burning) heart moment for 2012. Our camp is mostly based out of the sotuheast and is big at those regionals- but we have a couple of bay area transplants now, and a few more who regularly make the pilgrmage from atlanta to BRC and i would love to start "Camp SCIENCE! West"- bring the awesomeness of SCIENCE! to the west coast. So if you live around SF and want some people to hang with, let me know.

Look, we're not a huge camp. I can promise good conversation, a shade structure or two and some non-newbie burners to answer questions and whatnot. If you are not a complete douchebag a free burrito or two and a bloody mary will likely float your way. If you want to help out with our art project, that's awesome. We could use another couple of grunts to lug the sammiewagon around and help blanket the playa with grilled cheese. We don't do camp dues, but we do expect people to pull their own weight. We have a reasonable sized group arriving on Sunday to set up and reserve space- so we can help with that "where do i camp" question.

Unprepared fucktards will not be tolerated. Anyone who has ever said Namaste with a straight face will be fed to Twitch. Must provide own labcoat.

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