Contractor bags work best

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Contractor bags work best

Postby plantmandan » 4 years ago

I have found this tip buried in some other threads but thought it was worth bringing up again.

For your trash, use the thickest bags you can find. Contractor bags work very well. A ripped trash bag on the playa will make your life miserable.

Happy trails!!!

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Re: Contractor bags work best

Postby CapSmashy » 4 years ago

Yep. And they are nice a roomy... big enough to hold a dismembered Sparkle Pony if the need arises... and thick enough to contain the smell for a few days.
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Re: Contractor bags work best

Postby theCryptofishist » 4 years ago

While we're at it, whatever happened oo-tay at-they un-way um-fr ast-yay ear=yay?
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Re: Contractor bags work best

Postby Freesponge » 4 years ago

Just make sure you keep your contractor bags 50lbs or less or a garbageman somewhere will be hating you. Just because you can stuff 100lbs of crap into one doesn't mean you should.

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Re: Contractor bags work best

Postby Bob » 4 years ago

Trash compactor bags are more manageable.
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