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Re: sleeping in SUV

Post by mudpuppy000 » Fri Aug 17, 2012 8:21 pm

waynerd wrote:I'm with Mgb.
I'm driving down in my Xterra, which I have already put through more "sleeping tests" then I can count. 4 month road trip across Canada through the WINTER, 4 Month road trip through the Southwest US during summer. I know and fully understand that the playa will be different monster but know I can adapt.

I've popped the bottom portion of the back seats out so the backs lay down flush, lots of room to stretch out and since the back compartment has no carpet I'm not too worried if it gets a little extra dusty (was also a pro auto detailer in my younger years, two hours at a car wash an I'm golden) but will be trying to keep it to a minimum. I use an "SUV" air mattress, have a great sleeping bag (good for minus 20C), a few extra blankets and pillows. I've ridden out minus 30 weather with high winds and been cozy and warm. To be honest, I sleep better in it while on the road then at home in bed.

I plan on having a smallish tent for storage/changing, some sort of shade cover attached to the vehicle and rebar'd down, to create a little room for a table and camp chair underneath. Staying with Baal Mart so hopefully can get a little shade from a nearby RV but not worried if I can't.

I'm also a photographer so most mornings I'll be trying to be up for the dawn golden hour and perhaps finding a place to nap a little later on. I have no doubt I can make this work. :twisted:
Yeah, I sleep in my X also, super comfy with an action packer behind the front seat. :D What kind of mattress is that? I use a couple of therm-a-rests, which are ok, but would be nice to have something that fills up the whole back.

Really, the only thing you need to worry about is that it'll get warm as soon as the sun comes up in your vehicle, unless you have the windows down and it's shaded.

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