The Placenta of Love for Fertility 2.0

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The Placenta of Love for Fertility 2.0

Post by SpikeMarlowe » Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:37 pm

I have some artwork to share with the Burning Man community that is perfectly tied into this year’s theme, Fertility 2.0. Unfortunately, my partner and I weren’t able to get Burning Man tickets. However, I still want to share my art with Black Rock City.

Though I’d been wanting to go for YEARS, last year was my first burn. It was amazing. Life changing. Incredible. So incredible that Burning Man significantly influenced a book I wrote right after coming home. The book is infused with the spirit and aesthetics of Burning Man. Additionally, Burning Man gave me so much wild faith that I had the guts to submit the book to a publisher :shock:, who accepted the book soon after and published it last winter.

The book is called Placenta of Love and it’s about a robot pirate who creates the love of his life out of an AI and a placenta, and what happens when the placenta tries to reproduce, creating life. So, when the 2012 Burning Man Fertility 2.0 theme was announced, I was overjoyed. What a perfect theme, in so many ways!

Burning Man means the world to me, the book means the world to me and the Fertility 2.0 theme is rocking. I am determined to share my art with the Burning Man community, gifting my art to fellow burners.

I have a friend who will bring copies of my book to Burning Man and give them as gifts! :D Sadly, due to distribution issues for physical copies, I’ve only been able to acquire a few books :( . BUT I want to share the book with more than a few burners this year because: FERTILITY. Sharing the book with fellow burners feels like coming full circle. It’s a rite of passage, like last year’s theme.

My gift to you, fellow burners: I can afford to buy and gift fifty e-copies of my book, in either Kindle or Nook format. If you’d like a copy as a gift, please email me at spikemarlowe at gmail dot com, and I’ll get your information and buy you your e-book. :) There are Kindle/Nook apps for other devices if you don’t have a Kindle or Nook e-reader. Or, you can dig up sMiles at the Robot Factory (3:30 and A) during the burn and see if he still has a physical copy left to give away.

I hope you have an amazing burn this year. And if you couldn’t get a ticket like me, I hope you kick back with a Tecate and remember your favorite Burning Man memories and toast your fellow burners out on the playa, just like I will.




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