Cell towers. Anybody heard....

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Re: Cell towers. Anybody heard....

Postby Captain » 4 years ago

stretch80 wrote:
Sail Man wrote:If you can't afford or stand to go off the grid for a while, then you can't afford to go to TTITD.

That's why they have Disney World.

Some people have legitimate reasons for needing cellular coverage. (sick relative, etc).

Who is to say "Your doing it wrong"... ??

My job requires me to take a sat phone every year, if it wasn't for me being able to check in with work once a day I wouldn't be allowed to go to BM, so it's not doing it wrong.

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Re: Cell towers. Anybody heard....

Postby nixiebunny » 4 years ago

laffingblonde wrote:leave your technology at home. you'll thank me later

I'd do that if I trusted my car to get me there and back. It's a bit old.

I plan to pack my phone somewhere deep as soon as I get in the gate. Hopefully I'll remember where.
--David Forbes

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Re: Cell towers. Anybody heard....

Postby brnr96 » 4 years ago

This is probably posted too late to be helpful, but in 2010, I got a 2-bar signal on my Verizon phone. I didn't try to make any calls, though, so I can't say whether it works well, or not...

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