Second Year Virgin?

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Second Year Virgin?

Post by LightLinguist » Fri Aug 24, 2012 3:50 am

Hey guys! (my website

Last year I got a ticket and just drove out with a car load of photography equipment from Dallas not knowing what to expect.
It was my first year and I didn't know what to expect.
I setup a makeshift studio on behind the temple and got some cool pictures.
I even shot a wedding for a UK couple.

Looking to do more photoshoots this year.
Last year I stayed around 6:45 and J
Might do the same this year as I had made friends with my neighbors.

This year I flew out to LA and rented a car.
I'll be driving from LA to San Fran to Reno to BRC Aug 25.

Looking to meet more people to do photoshoots with.
Artistic, weddings, nudes, high fashion,...low fashion? hahaha

If you see a guy setting up some lights on the playa for a photoshoot, don't be shy! Come on over and say HI and let me take your picture.

Some pics from last year. (I still owe some ppl pics, I know... :D ) ... 472&type=3 ... 472&type=3 ... 472&type=3 ... 472&type=3 ... 472&type=3 ... 472&type=3

(my website

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