Stuck in Reno til Saturday

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Stuck in Reno til Saturday

Postby Copperbeast » Fri Aug 24, 2012 5:12 pm

Sooooo due to what always happens in the week before Burning Man, I arrived via plane in Reno last night without the early admission pass I was supposed to get. I got a room last night, but really don't want to spend that money again tonight. If anyone in Reno has a couch to crash on or wants to split the cost of a room, I'd be super keen to be your new friend.

A little about me: I'm a 30 year old guy and I've been going to BRC since 08. I'm incredibly considerate and laid back. I'm not interested in hooking up, so no need to worry about me getting fresh, ladies. On the other hand, if you're intent on making me an internet-stranger-meets-stranger statistic, just know I'm pretty strong and I'm not a fan of getting murdered. I can also clench my butt cheeks for longer than your desire can last if that's your goal.

So that's about it. Take care and see you in the future.

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Re: Stuck in Reno til Saturday

Postby RedHeaven » Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:32 pm

This would sell me if I lived in Reno :mrgreen:
Good luck matey!

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