2012 Ticket Destroyed!

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Re: 2012 Ticket Destroyed!

Postby theCryptofishist » 4 years ago

I thought sparkle ponies were the new djs.

Simon! A little help! Please!

Actually, I don't need help understanding "Hipster". It so happens that I am a fat, middle-aged, widow, without legs, but with a job in the federal government. This makes me so hip that you guys just about have to shade y our eyes when I post... But that's what you gotta be to get tickets these days...
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Re: 2012 Ticket Destroyed!

Postby wraith » 4 years ago

Lonesomebri wrote:
theCryptofishist wrote:Can anyone explain to me why djs aren't hipsters?

You know you're getting old when the bedrock of the community is it's DJs.

Are DJs the new sparkle pony?

Nah, they're just assholes with really expensive megaphones available to spill their shit at others. :D

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Re: 2012 Ticket Destroyed!

Postby trilobyte » 4 years ago

People have been buying expensive shit to film themselves destroying it for a long time. And with the rise of sites like youtube and vimeo and the whole attention-whoring "like me" thing reaching the point of addiction, some actually think buying some page views or likes is a good value. Kind of a shame, really.

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Re: 2012 Ticket Destroyed!

Postby gibson_ » 4 years ago

If you seriously can't find tickets, you're not looking.

I'd bet there are tickets available *below* face value as the event approaches. The lottery was stupid, but it all worked out in the end.

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Re: 2012 Ticket Destroyed!

Postby Isotopia » 4 years ago

To the OP: you've been found guilty of... BORING.

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Re: 2012 Ticket Destroyed!

Postby HotBurner » 4 years ago

Isotopia wrote:To the OP: you've been found guilty of... BORING.

you sounds very bitter. some man must have really hurt you. not all men are like that. you'll never attract a husband with your attitude.

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Re: 2012 Ticket Destroyed!

Postby Sail Man » 4 years ago

Nope, Iso is not bitter. Iso is just, Iso. Now, why don't you just toddle off and get Iso a drink, and maybe Iso will grace you with wit and charm. But then again, maybe not.
Excuse me Ma'am, your going to feel a small prick.

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