Photo taking on the playa

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Photo taking on the playa

Postby Taz » 4 years ago

I brought a small digital camera to the playa. In bright daylight , the glare was so bad that I could see what I was focusing on in the LCD display. Has anybody else had this problem? How do you get around it? :?:

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Re: Photo taking on the playa

Postby FIGJAM » 4 years ago

Yup, so I just looked through the viewfinder. 8)
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Re: Photo taking on the playa

Postby Lonesomebri » 4 years ago

Generally, just point and shoot. Try and get the subject in there, not always so successfully. Not a real solution, I know, but I'm working on my coping skills

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Re: Photo taking on the playa

Postby justfred » 4 years ago

There's an expression in the gun world, that's probably appropriate here: "spray and pray". If you're not sure you'll get what you're shooting at, take a bunch of pictures, maybe one of them will come out okay.

Still dislike that they took away the viewfinders on modern p&s's - but if you're used to the camera (and don't use the zoom much,which you shouldn't anyway), you can usually approximate.
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Re: Photo taking on the playa

Postby Timezone LaFontaine » 4 years ago

You can also take heart that if you happen to miss a shot, about 5,000 other people will probably get it and post it online. (At least when it comes to the art installations)
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Re: Photo taking on the playa

Postby Stephendragonfly » 4 years ago

Possible solutions, you can move to where you aren't facing the light. This doesn't always work because sometimes the shot is where you right then are, so another solution is to shade the camera lens with your hand or a hat or a large umbrella or whatever is handy. But if it is too bright because you are directly facing the light source(shooting into the sun), you might try turning on your flash :shock: . Its counter intuitive, but the flash can light your subject up enough to compensate for the back lighting that will be throwing it into shadow because the light is directly behind it, if you are facing a bright light source. This does't help with the monitor glare, but it might get you a good picture out of difficult situation. :)

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Re: Photo taking on the playa

Postby theCryptofishist » 4 years ago

Stephendragonfly wrote:This does't help with the monitor glare...

Face, Trilo's pretty scary when he does that.
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Re: Photo taking on the playa

Postby Turtleburp » 4 years ago

I use the viewfinder but am still forced to shade the LCD to confirm that I have the photo I want.

Something along the lines of this could help you though:
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Re: Photo taking on the playa

Postby clocksnmirrors » 4 years ago

Lonesomebri wrote:Not a real solution, I know, but I'm working on my coping skills

this made me laugh really hard
oops i made a mistake! making mistakes is part of growing up....

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Re: Photo taking on the playa

Postby BBadger » 4 years ago

Buy some anti-glare coating (like BoxWave) and put that on there. It trades some brightness for clarity, but should help.
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Re: Photo taking on the playa

Postby lemur » 4 years ago

back in the day.. like 100 years ago.. cameras had these big huge viewfinders on the back.. some bigger than 10 inches..

they solved the problem!

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Re: Photo taking on the playa

Postby gyre » 4 years ago

I bought older cameras with a viewfinder and most have a button that brightens the screen for a short time too.

No viewfinder = failed tech.

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