Dear Virgin Burner

Start here - tell us about yourself and what brings you to ePlaya.
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Re: Dear Virgin Burner

Postby TravellingMissie » 4 years ago

Wow - this post really gave me tingles. Thank you :)

I am extremely excited about attending Burning Man for the 1st time, I have been waiting for this for years! Until I am at BRC it won't seem real!

I am not the type of person to wish time away, so I don't want Burning Man to be here NOW......I'm just enjoying reading this forum and getting all obsessed with buying outfits from Ebay.....seriously, I'm addicted!!

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Re: Dear Virgin Burner

Postby Pippi » 4 years ago

Love this post! It gave me the chills, misty eyes and butterflies all at the same time!

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Re: Dear Virgin Burner

Postby cclouatre » 4 years ago


That is so well written. I could not myself articulate the same sentiment. I appreciate your gift.


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Re: Dear Virgin Burner

Postby timothynh » 4 years ago

Dear Tamino,

I had my first burn this year. It was an amazing experience. I was part of the French Quarter and the Cafe Fin Du Monde. I made a connection with a terrific person who visited me at the cafe. She and her partner are long time burners. I never found them again. What are the odds of doing so, and how might I search? She apparently has an RV with a lotus blossom on the side and I cannot remember her playa name.

I look forward to next year and coming home. My return to default has not been easy so far.


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Re: Dear Virgin Burner

Postby Savannah » 4 years ago

Dear Timothy,

Search for "Lost Humans" here in the 2012 Lost and Found. Make a post under "Humans" and make the headline specific with lots of detail. No one can tell you the odds of reconnecting. It's totally random, and that's okay. Meeting someone amazing that you might never see again, well . . . it's a feature, not a bug. It happens. And it's way better than never meeting that amazing person in the first place. Write down the encounter you had and preserve it. It might help. If it doesn't, burn it. :)

Coming back to the default world after a Burn is usually strange and sometimes difficult. Meet your regional people if you have some.

They all know what you're going through. For that matter, so do we. Right now everyone's still euphoric, for the most part, but in a few weeks the sad & grumpies can kick in. It's normal. The energies eventually get harnessed and re-used.
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Re: Dear Virgin Burner

Postby psychlone_vix » 4 years ago

Hi, I´m new !!!! will be going next year all the way from spain. never been there dont know anybody !! SOS.

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Re: Dear Virgin Burner

Postby MarieShea810 » 4 years ago

What an amazing post..I will be attending my first burn next year, I couldn't be more excited. To be free. To be home. Anxious to meet some fellow burners out here in Az to gain more knowledge.

Love Bombs.
Namaste. <3

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