SF Decompression is Sunday/tomorrow - details

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SF Decompression is Sunday/tomorrow - details

Postby Jesus » Sat Oct 06, 2012 9:03 pm


Expecting a great time ... and a rehash of the parking situation of years past:
Jesus wrote:It started at Decompression 2010. I arrived quite early, and pulled over on the bridge over Decompression Street (AKA the part of 18th street that is a bridge over 280 and Indiana Street) and got out to enjoy the view. Before getting in my car to park, I noticed that in fact, it seemed that I had parked legally - like other bridges over 101 and 280 in the city, parking on this one seemed to be legal; the curb was grey, and there were no 'no parking' signs anywhere to be seen. It was early in the day and no one else was parked there, so I took some time to walk a ways up and down, but confident that there were no indications it was not a legal parking spot, I parked and skated down to Minnesota St and partied all day 'till the wee hours of the morning. I got back and found a handwritten SFPD ticket on my car.... and on a whole bunch of cars that had taken my lead and parked behind me.
A few days later, I got another (very expensive) ticket for allegedly parking near a wheelchair ramp on another San Francisco street-corner (I parked there on a date and we both looked and thought I was legally parked when we left and were surprised to see the ticket when we got back from dinner; I took photos and we left.)
I protested both tickets. I wrote and sent in requests for review and... heard nothing, except I got notice after notice after notice for around 6 months, saying they hadn't decided yet.
I got worried that they'd decide while I was out of town and went down to the office on Van Ness off Market to investigate. I brought with me video of the place I'd parked at decompression, showing that there were no no parking signs anywhere near where I parked, but they refused to look at it or google maps street view I tried to show them, which showed the same thing, and also refused to look at photos I brought from the date, but they claimed they'd nixed my date ticket protest, and sent me a notice allowing me to appeal, but the deadline had passed, even after I spoke with the manager about both issues. I was angry. I tried to get a hearing anyway about the date ticket, but was unable to. But a couple months later the ticket from decompression was dismissed. This year, I arrived at decompression early, and found that the same long strip of curb was available with no cars parked there, and the signs hadn't changed. I parked, and got out, and a helpful hottie walking by with friends told me it was not legal to park there, but I told her I was absolutely certain it was legal, and skated down to Minnesota St and partied all day 'till the wee hours of the morning. It felt like deja vu - I got back and found an SFPD ticket on my car (handwritten by the holder of Police Badge # 850) ... and on a whole bunch of cars that had taken my lead and parked behind me. I'd taken video when I first parked, so I'd have very strong evidence. And videoed myself sending in a protest letter. Today I looked online and my record is clear; it seems they've dismissed the ticket. So I avoided paying the two $75 tickets, but I probably paid about that in late fees for the other ticket they claim they they informed me I could appeal. (If I don't pay, I can't renew my vehicle registration.) I hate the parking scheme/scam. </vent>

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