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SF Bay Area Burners

Postby Spliff » 3 years ago

I see you everywhere I go but I feel like I could have more burner fiends. I live in the South Bay (San Jose, Sunnyvale area) and I'm looking for some burners to be friends with. I don't really like default people and they don't really understand me, I could give a shit less about sports and that really f#cks me when it comes to most people. I don't really care if you love sports but don't expect me to give a shit. I smoke hella weed too so there is that. Also I'm a dude if that matters. Drop me a line if this sounds good.

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Ugly Dougly
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Re: SF Bay Area Burners

Postby Ugly Dougly » 3 years ago

San Jose here.

You might check out this group:

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Re: SF Bay Area Burners

Postby trilobyte » 3 years ago

I'm moving this over to regionals & events, since that's a better fit. I'd recommend connecting with the South Bay Burners too. You may also have some luck surfing Facebook to discover camps and events happening in your area.

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Re: SF Bay Area Burners

Postby Aurelia » 3 years ago

You know Spl, I have been thinking the same thing
Sometimes if a person seems like someone who "gets" the moment I even find myself asking if they are a burner
Crazy nut then
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