Whining Rights

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Re: Whining Rights

Post by Hoolie » Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:36 pm

trilobyte wrote:Sorry to hear that in these times that puts it out of your budget, but it doesn't seem like an unfair change.
I think the price is fair, especially when divided by 7 days and compared to other events. It's just too rich for our blood now.
trilobyte wrote:You still have options - you can each apply for low income tickets (a process which is open now), if successful that gives you a half price ticket;
I would not put us in the low-income category. It's just that in the SF Bay Area, a modest income doesn't stretch very far. We are also self-employed, and it can be tricky to set a budget when we don't know what our income will be for the year. At any rate, I'd rather leave those tickets to others who are truly low-income and/or have not been before.
trilobyte wrote:you could take the year off and vacation elsewhere (my gf and I did that a couple times); or you could just take the year off without going anywhere (ye olde staycation, something else my girlfriend and I have done). You'll pine for the playa a little, but otherwise you'll be fine. And if you choose staycation your finances will hopefully be in much better shape.
I've never been an every year type of burner. My first burn was in 2000 (I think I paid a hundred bux for a ticket back then), and I've been back four times since then. The last time we attended was 2010, and we decided to take 2011 off. Following the '11 sellout and subsequent ticket lottery fiasco, we were discouraged from even trying in 2012. We settled for torturing ourselves with Camp Envy (as well as an awesome trip to Saline Valley in March, which was actually kind of burner-esque. At one point, we even had 70mph winds and a 24-hour dust storm!). This was the year we were planning on going back, until we saw the pricing. Since we last attended in 2010 and paid the first tier price for that year, I'm sure that has a lot to do with the sticker shock.

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Re: Whining Rights

Post by Good Sarah » Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:55 pm

Waaaahhhhh I don't have the option to pay the least amount possible for my ticket!
I'm just being honest

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Re: Whining Rights

Post by Rice » Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:59 pm

Good Sarah wrote:Waaaahhhhh I don't have the option to pay the least amount possible for my ticket!
Did you buy your tickets during the pre-sale?? If not, then you are paying the least possible...
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