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Re: art car suspension

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moltensteelman wrote:If the golf cart has 8"x 7" rims you can mount snowmobile trailer tires on them. The tires are 18.5 x 8.5 x 8 and are available in load range B (770lbs) or load range C (940lbs). These are high speed highway tires with stiff side walls and available new from most tire stores for about $50 each. Air pressure rating is 35 psi. At 5 mph they can handle some overloading without risk of a blowout. Coil over shocks can be easily added to the suspension to hold extra weight and should be fairly cheap at motorcycle wreaking yards or you can get the cheap dune buggy front coil over shocks. If you go with blocks there are many suspension stops made from polyurethane that are designed for a certain amount of compression, check off road and dune buggy shops. If the golf cart is electric it helps to upgrade the speed controller to a 400-450 amp controller to give the motor extra torque, or a 600 amp speed controller if your upgrading the motor and wiring. I've seen aftermarket golf cart motors from 4 to 16 hp. If the golf cart is gas powered with a centrifugal force belt drive it may slip the belt with the extra weight especially when it gets playa on the belt. 6 to 8 people is really pushing the capabilities of a golf cart.
This is the kind of real info I always look for here... Thanks. I get tired of the BS dribble in the information threads on this board. Most People are only looking for solid information. Very few people are left here .... who have the skill set to give it. thanks again.

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