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Postby flighty » 3 years ago

Hey ya'll! I'll be a second-time burner this year, new(ish) to Seattle, looking to make some connections. I'm involved with SeaCORE a little, but I can hardly ever make their get-togethers due to my weird work schedule. Anyway if there are any other burners on here who are interested in meeting up, I'll be blunt and say I need some new friends in the area! Let's do lunch and talk about BM!

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Re: Seattle!

Postby lemur » 3 years ago

EPLAYA has all the friends you need!
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some seeing eye
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Re: Seattle!

Postby some seeing eye » 3 years ago

Seattle has burners of all subcultures. The slice that goes to regional events is a small fraction. If you mention (but not obsessively) BM around creative people, you can start building a network. They are there from the dance music world to the tech world. Wherever there are costumes, there are burners. And sure some Seattleites here might send PM's.
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Re: Seattle!

Postby Savannah » 3 years ago

Hi Flighty! :D
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Re: Seattle!

Postby Elderberry » 3 years ago

Hey there, welcome to eplaya!
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Re: Seattle!

Postby Captain Goddammit » 3 years ago

I'm a Seattle burner, but I also find the local gatherings difficult to fit into my schedule. Seattle has shitloads of burners but over the years most of my local network has slowly dropped out of BM. Most of my off-playa burners are in the Portland area these days... Eplaya pretty much fills in my off-playa burner interaction other than that.
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